“Smoked Up” No.13

Another week down, another issue of “Smoked Up”. This week has been pretty good, spring is upon us and the weather is nicer. The better weather means more smoking time and longer smoke breaks for me. I see myself grabbing larger ring gauged or longer lengthed cigars as the weather gets nicer. Once it gets uber hot here, that will change, unless I can get my hammock up in the shade this year!


Cigar Views:


JJDon Pepin Garcia Serie JJ “Lil Robusto”: Thicker than average draw, excellent burn & a long nice tight ash. Decent amount of kickoff spice that then mellows off around half way. Then a nice mellowed wood flavor takes place with a hint of some vanilla in the background. Retrohale had a nice peppery type of spice and had a slight sweetness left on the pallate. One of my favorite DPGs. Some good woodiness with an amout of spice thats not overpowering to the taste. All the proceeds from this cigar go towards SIDS research. #jj4jj

Oliva TuboOliva G Tubo: Slightly thick draw with an uneven burn. Had nice medium flavors of wood, coffee & a light vanilla flavor here and there. Aged atleast three plus years, but not much has changed any with it. So, this is one of those cigars that smokes well fresh or aged; though it did seem to have a little less body to it. This is not my favorite size of the G, the “Special G” is, thanks to my good buddy Joe H. who turned me on to that size. This is a good middle of the line cigar made by Oliva that a variety of smokers can enjoy; new or seasoned.


SAMSUNGQuesada Oktoberfest Barvarian: A dark & “meaty” smoke. A great smoke after a hearty dinner of smoked baby back ribs. Flavors of a charred meat with some cedar undertone flavors. The ring gauge (52) pushes the threshold of my likings. But a bold cigar like this deserves a big bolder ring gauge. Although it did have a thick draw, but I dealt with it, only due to my likings of the flavors. This is one of the last few of the original Oktoberfests that I have. Quesada has been making some very great cigars for the last few years and is a company to watch grow more and more as time goes by.


MummyTatuaje Monster “Mummy”: A great drawing, cool even burning tasty cigar. I like it way more than the Wolfman of the 2011 Monster series release. I wish I would have gotten more Mummy & lesser Wolfman. The awesome flavors of coffee/espresso went great with two cups of Bustello Cuban Coffee! There was a slight hint of a vanilla flavor here n there which was a nice addition to the medium bodied smoke. The size of the cigar was perfect for a nice afternoon smoke on a gorgeous spring day. I loved every bit of this cigar and didn’t let me down one time.


Casa CRACasa Fernandez CRA Special: A great draw & burn with awesome flavors as well. A slightly peppery & woody core flavors that I love. Mellows off a lil after halfway with a nice woody type of flavor. Aged about a year after I got it for renewing my CRA membership. A great cigar in flavor & size wise for a beautiful southern spring afternoon. Paired with a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. If you are not a CRA member, you should be for about $35, it helps protect our rights to enjoy cigars. You also get deals from many B&Ms for being a member, plus two cigars with your membership each year specially made for CRA.



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