“Smoked Up” No.14

Once again, I am bringing you some views and news from my week in cigars. Had a very eventful week and especially the weekend. Saturday, me and a group of guys had a party at El Puros Perfecto (Ocean Springs, MS) for a good friend who is expecting a baby girl soon. Many thanks to the guys who showed up and for the shop guys for putting up with our shenanigans. Many cigars, food, and adult beverages were consumed that night! I also remembered the day after, why I wrote off dry Gin….

Then the next day, I had a bbq and smoke out (herf) at my house with a handful of friends and family. I smoked some four racks of baby back ribs, drank a few beers, smoked a few cigars and overall, we all had a pretty good time shooting the bull.

It seems like I am getting into more of a rotation with my cigars. I still try and smoke some new ones, just to see whats up and comming. But, I am finding myself smoking more medium to full bodied cigars or more fuller ones. Im enjoying the flavors a lot more than the power now as a result of that. But anyhow….


Cigar Views


Viaje Exclusivo RobustoViaje Exclusivo Robusto: This is one of the first released of the semi-rare robusto size. I had forgotten I had these & was delighted to find them deep in the bottom of my humidor. I paired it with some Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon. Four Roses SB has become one of my favourite bourbons, good drink and a decent price (@$50). I wasnt paying much attention to the flavors, but did get some smokey/charred wood that paired well with the Bourbon. The draw was great, the burn was so-so. But overall a great smoke! It goes to show you, if you can wait a bit of time to let a Viaje rest, it will be an even better smoke later on.

CAO Concert RoadieCAO Concert Roadie: One of my favorite CAO cigars out. A lovely mix of wood a little pepper & a very subtle vanilla undertone. A slightly thicker draw, only due to the fact that I smoked it fresh from the 5pk I got from CI (Joe Cigar actually!) Ive seen these go for around $9-10. A decent price point for this cigar. Yet, there are some a lot better for less. It all just depends upon what you are in the mood for at the time. I got this 5pk for abour $22.50, which is one heck of a deal and worth getting for that price.


La Aurora 1495La Aurora 1495 Robusto: I haven’t had one of these in ages and was happy to see a local shop had a box. I usually look for the 1495 BME (Brick & Mortar Exclusive) as they have a little more body. This cigar is chock full of creamy wood, easy pepper, slight cedar & vanilla flavors. It had a nice draw, but a slightly wavy burn, but never got too far off track. Some form of a La Aurora cigar has always been in my humidor & these are a good example of why, a great complex, yet balanced smoke.


Illusione Burn TorpedoIllusione Burn Torpedo: This is my favorite vitola in the Burn line. I have tried one of each size in the line and this one seemed to be the winner in my book. The burn was not all that great as it got off track a few times needing some touch ups. The flavors seemed more rounded off & more smoother than the other vitolas of the line. A nice peppery woodiness is the key flavors. Towards the end a hint of cocoa showed up as a slight undertone. A real peppery retrohale that had an ample burn to my nostrils. Overall one of my favorite Illusiones, next to the original HL Maduro.


GH Azteca JaguarGran Habano Azteca Jaguar: 1+ of age. Thicker draw than I usally like, would probably open up more flavors if the draw would have been a tad looser. Charred meat with underlying sweetness flavors. Slight peppery spice that was pleasant to the taste. A muted cedar creeps in some here & there followed by a rich chocolate flavor towards the latter portion of the cigar. Very complex, very good with some rest. The age on it seemed to ease off the “harshness” of it when it was fresh.



Cigar News


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