“Smoked Up” No.16

This week’s “Smoked Up” is extremely light. I haven’t been fealing all that great this week. My tastebuds are off, so it was tough to enjoy a cigar. The latter part of last week was sort of hetctic at the abode with my daughter in and out of being sick, so I spent a lot of time with her. The weekend blew by me. I got to enjoy my only cigar on Saturday while listening to Kiss My Ash Radio. Then got to give the guys over on Stogie411 a hard time on their 2nd Anniversary Episode. That was a good time (as always) and I won a few swag items as well as everybody else who joined in in the chat room. So keep an eye out for thier live shows!

Then Sunday was going to be my review some cigars day. And that turned out nothing like I expected. Ended up helping my neighbor move and in the process she gave me 125 patio blocks. But, I had to get them out of her yard that day! That, moving who knows how many shovel loads of dirt and laying 80 of the stones to make a walk way all got the best of me. I was so sore and “stoved up” the next day at work, I left early and went home. I took some meds and passed smooth out til way past lunch. Today has not been much better, still fealing sore and a little under the weather; finding my taste buds are not right. So, it would not be fair to try and review anything today either…

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Cigar Views


La Zona 1Espinosa La Zona Conneticut Robusto: This is my 2012 Cigar of the Year and I am still liking it. Its odd that I mainly smoke more fuller bodied cigars, but this one I find myself smoking more in the morning or as my first smoke of the day at times. Good draw and burn with nice nutty and toasty flavors keeps me coming back to it. I had this one Saturday with a two cups of Cuban Coffee while listening to the Kiss My Ash Radio show where Erik and crew were on. Looking forward to trying the new Maduro line Espinosa is releasing this week!



Cigar News

“Smoked Up” No.15



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