“Smoked Up” No.19

This past week I have found myself fascinated with the Ortega Wild Bunch series. I bought two of the first two sampler boxes. This week, I tried three out of the six (in no particular order), they are somewhat addictive. They make me want to try the one next to it in the box to see what its like and then the next one and then the next one… Its a vicious cycle when it comes to sampler boxes with me. I can say that of the ones I have had, they are all good in their own aspect. Some are better than others, but that’s just my opinion.


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Cigar Views

PunchPunch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary: Not a very complex smoke as I had remembered it being. But a solid good smoke that have liked since they were released. Had nice flavors of leather with hints of wood & white pepper. Had an excellent draw & burn (considering its a box pressed cigar). Next time, I want to smoke a Rare Corojo then a 10th Anniversary to pick out the differences in the two. Punch cigars will always be in my humidor in some form or fashion. They are a no frills cigar, but some are better than others. They are just a good, decent and solid smoke that never really disappoints me too much.


Honest Abe Ortega Wild Bunch “Honest Abe”: This is number 6 of 12 of the Ortega Wild Bunch series. At first the Iron Mike was my favorite of the Wild Bunch I smoked. But the Honest Abe has taken the reigns as my favorite. Awesome creamy woody flavors. This cigar took me as being somewhat “Cubanesc” for the most of the cigar, but without the “twang”. During the final third, there was a pepper note that crept up. Eventually, it pretty much over powered the other flavors in the cigar, but still was a great smoke.  I absolutely loved this cigar! Deffinitley box worthy!!


Dandy McCoyOrtega Wild Bunch “Dandy McCoy”: This is number 5 of 12 of the Ortega Wild Bunch series. This box pressed cigar had a pretty good draw & well formed long tight ashes. Had chalky (yet smooth) powdered cocoa flavors. There hints of a vegetal twang here & there. For some reason, I had thoughts in my head that this cigar would be bolder than it was. More along the lines as the Iron Mike, but it wasn’t. That just goes to show you, a darker wrapper doesn’t always mean a darker/fuller bodied smoke. Not my favorite of the series that I have smoked, in fact its my least liked. I’ve had 4 of the 6 released so far. The Honest Abe (see above) still reigns as my favorite so far.


El JockoLa Flor Dominicana El Jocko Natural: I’m always on the lookout for odd & interesting shaped cigars. Petite perfectos always seem to catch my eye such as this one did. I’ve had the oscuro wrapped version of this cigar with so-so results. I figured I’d try the natural & was somewhat disappointed in it. The burn was so-so, but had a good draw. The flavors just didn’t set well with me. A mix of creamy, but bitter at times, wood flavors. An off tasting spice that had an undertone of graham crackers. Although it did get somewhat better as the burn got to the bigger part of the ring gauge. But it wasn’t enough for me to smoke it again anytime soon. I guess I will stick with the oscuro LFDs.


ESG 22yrAshton Estate Sun Grown (ESG) 22-Yr Salute:Usually, when I go for an Ashton product it is usually a VSG. But every now an then I go for an ESG, although they are somewhat more in price, but a great smoke. This torpedo had a great draw & burn. Nice smooth woody with a hint of a vanilla & lesser caramel undertone. A pepper flavor was present that got somewhat stronger as I progressed into the cigar. Went great with a strong cup of coffee that evened off the sometimes strong peppery notes. A pretty good cigar, just not sure of the $17 cost.


Tony the BossOrtega Wild Bunch “Tony the Boss”: Number 4 of 12 in the Wild Bunch series from Ortega. I usually don’t smoke Churchill sized cigars, but this 7.5×49 was a nice smoke to have while watching the Braves game this past Sunday. Started off slightly similar to the Serie D Natural in flavors, but after halfway, it got peppery similar to the Honest Abe’s finish. The pepper had a cocoa note in the background that kept the pepper under control some. Good draw & a decent burn, it did have a few burn issues that needed some correcting.


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