“Smoked Up” No.22

Summer is almost upon us and it seems to be getting a jump start here in the deep south of Mississippi. I think every day this week hit mid to upper 80s with high humidity and a few days of spotty rain. So, that means the size of the cigars I will be smoking will possibly start to get smaller. Unless, I absolutely want a cigar in a larger size due to better flavor options.

There is not a lot of cigar news this week. I would suppose the news will possibly slow done while companies are gearing up and getting prepared for the IPCPR convention in July. I also foresee a ramp up of rumors and news of cigars right before the show. I was hoping to go to the IPCPR convention this year. With finances dwindling after an upcoming family vacation, vehicle repairs, and raising a two year old; I highly doubt I will be there for coverage of the convention. Sorry, it bums me out a great bit not being able to go.


Cigar Views

Napalm601 La Bomba Napalm: One of the best “powerhouse” cigars I have had. Had slightly lesser than milkshake thick draw & decent burn that produced ashes well over 1.5″. I got a flavor similar to dark dried fruit. Similar to prunes or raisins and I really appreciated this flavor as I don’t recognize it very often. This smoke had a very hefty body to it that a new cigar smoker should be aware of. Besides the power, there were some good flavors as well that I liked. Those who like power & flavor, its definitely worth a try. I had my doubts when this cigar was announced. I figured “another flavorless powerhouse cigar” I was way off!


3 SiglosGran Habano 3 Siglos Churchill: This cigar has been resting for about two or three years (possibly even more) I’ve had these ever since the name change to 3SLS. Had creamy woody & cedar flavors with an ample sweetness in the background. Had a light coffee note on the short finish that I wished was longer & more prevalent on the draw. Not a bad smoke for the $2.50 I paid for it when they were on clearance at CI. Not my favorite size in the line, but for the price paid, its not too bad.


WLPViaje White Label Project (WLP) Original Release: Had a thick draw & a so-so burn. Nice dark, woody & a slight carmel like flavor. Had a faint pepper note that mixed into the flavor profile here & there. Its mellowed & rounded off very nicely. The more I got into the cigar, the darker the darker the flavors got & the black pepper ramped up in strength. I am glad I grabbed a handful of these when they came out some years ago. They were pretty good then and even better now. Hmmm…. A LE Viaje that ages well???


EpernayIllusione Erpernay Le Monde: I like more of the Illusione line if its a maduro. But, the Epernay line is an exception to that. There were twangy woody notes with an underlying white pepper here n there.  Milkshake thick draw, even burn & long ashes. I have tried the pairing of this cigar with Champagne in the past and it really brought this cigar to life. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any champagne on hand at the time. But, you can bet, I will be researching a decently good bottle of the bubbly to enjoy with this cigar next time. I have also found that I like the Epernay line in the larger ring gauges.




Cigar News

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