“Smoked Up” No.24

Summer is here in the deep south!! Well, not until the 21st, but its hotter than blue blazes here! Most days last week were 90°+ with a heat index in the area of 105°. With that being said, my cigar time has been cut down to late evening if possible.

My corneal ulcer cleared up on Saturday. That allowed me to enjoy some cigars here and there between catching up on household chores I couldn’t do while my vision was impaired last week. I have a good friend who had a massive stroke back in December. He is still in a medical care facility. Hopes, wishes and prayers go out to you Robert McGrath aka: “Uncle Bob”. A few buddies and I got together and cut his 3 acre yard for him the end of last week. I knew if I was in the situation he is in, he would be in my yard helping get in in order too. That is what friends are for! I had a cigar there once we got done with the monumental task. I also got to enjoy a smoke with my Dad on Father’s Day. He doesn’t smoke, but he enjoyed my company as we shot the bull and drank beer all Sunday.

Between the heat, my corneal ulcer, catching up on housework, fixing a broken wheel hub on my truck, and other things; I didn’t get a chance to smoke many cigars this week. Have a review lined up to be posted on Wednesday or Thursday as well.



Cigar Views

LFD DL O LLa Flor Dominicana DL Oscuro Lancero (Old Band): I have one of these left and I think they have hit their “prime”. They seem like they are almost starting to bottom out and become somewhat flat (almost too mellow for my tastes). It had a decent draw, great burn & short ashes. I got some salty caramel notes with some slight short-lived pepper notes. This cigar has evened off smoothly. The aging makes it not as “harsh” as they can be fresh. If I want a nice bold dark flavored lancero, I’ll grab a fresh one of these. But if I want a not so bold, more rounded off lancero, these are a good choice at around 3-4 years aged, I think. The old band LFDs are getting more & more scarce.


Anejo SharkArturo Fuente Anejo “Shark” (2011): This was my Father’s Day gift to myself. I date my Anejo and OpusX to keep track of their age. It was either this or a 6yr old OpusX. I was in the mood for a bold maduro and this one hit the spot. I drank a few Sam Adams Summer Ale and Killians Irish Red beers with this cigar. The beers were not strong enough to kill off the great flavors of this cigar. I did cut the cap too short and got some tar build up. I cut a bit more off (the cap) and the draw, tar & burn got tremendously better. These are great fresh, but way better after at least a year or two. I always grab a handful, some to smoke, more to age. Well worth the price paid for these cigars.

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CohibaCohiba Robusto: If you have never heard of a Cohiba, either Cuban or non-Cuban…. well….. These are one of the most “popular” cigars to date. They are all over the men’s magazines along with Macanudo, Montecristo etc… I have had this one for about four or so years from a sampler from Mike’s Cigars. Had a milkshake thick type of draw that produced flavors of dark woody notes. There was also a hint of short-lived vanilla here & there. Associated with those flavors was a hint of an off-key “twang” that I didn’t care for. This could have been from the tight-ish draw. Even aged, I still don’t think these cigars are worth $12+.


Tempus LanceroAlec Bradley Tempus Lancero: I haven’t had a Tempus in years. My few experiences with the cigar was not all that pleasant to me. I don’t recall why I don’t care for it, but just veered away from the Tempus line all together. While cutting my buddy’s (with the stroke) yard a good friend (Josh D.) gave me this cigar, I was weary at first, but never had it in a lancero. Well, that cigar was my “Good Karma” cigar! Good Karma for helping a buddy in need rewarded by a good cigar. It was my reward for a job well done. I really enjoyed this smoke! The draw was tough (but manageable), but it was also very humid that day. I didn’t pay much attention to any particular flavors of it, but I know for sure I will smoke many more of the lancero.


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Where I spent my Saturday

Where I spent my Saturday

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