“Smoked Up” No.28

If you haven’t noticed, the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show was going on the first part of this week. What does that mean for us fellow cigar smokers you say? Well, all of the news and press releases from numerous companies has came to light and many people got first hand looks and tastes of the new cigars announced previous to the show. I couldn’t make it this year due to financial situations with truck repairs and a family vacation. I wish I could have made it to the show to relay the new cigars and accessories from the show. But, it was not going to be an actuality for me this; hoping for better “luck” next year.

There were a good bit of fellow cigar “bloggers” or “new media” guys at the show. For some short videos or articles of the show check out Stogie Review, CigarCoop, Cigar Obsession, Leaf and Grape, or Halfwheel.

My head cold is finally letting up some what from the previous weeks. I didn’t smoke too many cigars last week. I spent a lot of time with friends and family and making sure my head cold didn’t get aggravated by too much smoke.

My buddy “Uncle Bob” (who had a massive stroke in December) got to come to his house Thursday shortly. We had a small cookout for him with a few of his close friends and family. Seeing such a good man in that shape is heart breaking and makes you realize how good you have it in life.


Cigar Views

GhostPaul Stulac Ghost: Ever since I grabbed a box of these a few weeks ago, I seem to be enjoying this cigar more and more each week. Last week I paired it with an Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout (beer) that pretty much overpowered the cigar. This week, I just sipped on a Coke here and there with it and had better results. I think this cigar would pair a little better with a rum than the high alcohol contented, full flavored Coffee Oatmeal Stout. There was a nice leathery flavor through-out the cigar. There was some hints of a earthy flavor as well that caught my attention. All and all a great smoke; great draw, decent burn.


GERReinado Grand Empire Reserve Elegidos: I have enjoyed the Reinado core line ever since they came to light about four or five years ago. I was gifted the cigar and the plain label led me to think it was a plain cigar. WRONG! I fell in love with them flavor and complexity of the smoke and grabbed many many of them whenever I found them. This weekend I was watching this video and reminded me of the GER I had grabbed on vacation last month. I had hoped to keep it for a “special occasion”, but what better time than the present!? I LOVED this smoke! I actually liked it a good bit more than the core line. Had awesome darker richer flavors than the core line. A pepper blast to start that ended with a spicy chocolate flavor. Full bodied and full flavor strength, not for a novice by any means. This is another one of those cigars I wish I would have gotten more of. But, with the release of the new sizes, I am looking forward to trying them as well.


EpifaniaPrimer Mundo Epifania: I haven’t heard a whole lot on this cigar. Maybe it just went under my radar. Maybe it wasn’t a favorite of the people, either way, I grabbed it thinking it was the Liga Miami which is an awesome smoke! The Epifania is only available in a toro size, which was a fine smoke for a cooler (than usual) summer night. It seemed a bit “smoother” and an easier smoke to enjoy than the Clase Reserva I had a few weeks ago. If I had my choice of any Primer Mundo I have had, it would be the Liga Miami, followed by the Epifania. I have yet to have the La Hermandad. I have heard it is awesome and many like it the most of the Primer Mundo lines.


ValerosaValerosa Pimavera Fogoso: I recently reviewed the Animoso (corona) of this line and it had pretty good flavors, but a really tight draw. The tighter draw of that cigar held back some of the possibilities that cigar had. This size is the robusto and it had a pretty good draw that was looser than the corona; almost too loose. The flavors seemed lesser in strength as well as a lesser body than the corona size of the same blend. Not a bad cigar, had nice creamy woody flavors that were some-what pleasing to me. I just think the cigar could have been a good bit better if it wasn’t hindered by the draw (again).


TRabid Duckhe Duck Rabbit “Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout”: I don’t talk too much about alcohol or beer for that matter on NTA, unless I am pairing it with a cigar. But, I figured I would throw this one in here. I got a 6pk of these on a recommendation of the shop keep at a beer store while on vacation in June. I am glad I listened to him and went with the 6pk and not just a single. This beer has a 10% abv and it STOUT. I usually go for a stout and most likely a oatmeal or oatmeal coffee stout. Had dark fruit and molasses flavors that were very pronounced even seeing this was my third beer of the day. And the first two were growlers. I recommend this brew if you like a stout strong and flavorful beer.


Cigar News

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