“Smoked Up” No.36

Another week past, another issue of “Smoked Up”. Not much going on in my neck of the woods. Its still hot and humid, but some relief comes in the late evening, which is when I usually enjoy a cigar. I’d like to stay up later when its even cooler, but I have to be at work at 6am and staying up late wouldn’t be feasible for me.

Not much cigar news this week. I do have the September Contest going on until tonight at midnight (central time). I’m giving away a 5pk of some new cigars and a few of my favorites.


Cigar Views

Honest AbeOrtega Wild Bunch Honest Abe: This cigar, to date, is my favorite of the Wild Bunch series. I am waiting on a sampler of the new cigars to come in. But, there hasn’t been a single cigar in the line that truly disappointed me. Some I liked more than others, but all were a good smoke. The Honest Abe had creamy woody notes with hints of a nuttiness as well. A strengthening black pepper note showed up working into the final few inches of the smoke, that wanted to overpower the other flavors. The end of this cigar seems more stronger in power than its start. But none the less, a great smoke!


Leccia BlackLeccia Tobacco Black 6×60: Yeh, I know “Shawn, you don’t like a 6×60!” I was gifted this and a Leccia White in 6×60 to compare them to the smaller ring gauged ones. I had didn’t care for the Black in the small ring gauge. The 60rg is still a size I don’t care for, but will manage with a good smoke. The larger ring gauge helped this smoke I believe. The 1st 2/3rds were pretty good. Smooth woody, musty, notes with an ample sweetness on the back half of the smoke. The final third changed to a darker wood note & it seemed to ramp up in body. Im not sure what it was, but I didn’t care for the last third at all & laid it to rest with almost 2″ left. I still prefer the White over the Black, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Black.


RP TAARocky Patel TAA Signature Series: I have never heard or much seen this cigar. There are no TAA shops in my area. I may or may not have gotten this on my vacation to Atlanta/Chattanooga. Either way, I found it in the humidor, smoked it and really liked it! I didn’t pay much attention to particular flavors, but it was a nice medium body and flavor strength cigar. I remember it having some creamy wood notes and never once, a bad flavor from it. I was with some buddies hammering out some of our hunting trip details for our yearly “Man Trip” is why I didn’t jot down any particulars of the cigar. Either way, it was a pretty good smoke that if I ever have the chance, will buy a few more.

Tat TAATatuaje TAA 2012: I know I got this cigar from Burns Tobacconist in Chattanooga, TN. This was a great cigar! Probably one of my favorite Tatuaje cigars, on up there with my 2011 Cigar of the Year, the Avion11. Great draw, burn & tight ashes. Had a woody core with a hint of a white pepper note. Not a very complex smoke that changed a lot. But the core flavors I really liked! These cigars have a fairly high price tag, but in my opinion, they are definitely worth the price. Would I buy it again? In a heartbeat! *I paired the Tatuaje TAA with a Bells Brewery Kalamazoo Stout; also a pretty good beer.


Cigar News

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