“Smoked Up” No.37

The lesson I learned the past week is: You don’t really know how good you have it sometimes.  Going back a few months, I told you about our good friend “Uncle Bob”, the bad stroke that happened to him and the condition he is in. Well, Bob has moved closer to his daughter in New Orleans about an hour and a half or so away. Three buddies and I made the trip to visit with him this past Sunday. It was both a nice and sombering trip. The place he is in is top notch. He has his own room with tv, pictures from home, etc… It is really nice to see him being taken care of, but at the same time, his health is depreciating. He is now on puree’d food and doesn’t move or talk much. He still has some strength in him; with a firm handshake when we left.

I look at Uncle Bob and my Dad being the same age and realize, I am glad to be in the health I am in as well as my Dad. I also came across a lot of people I know who have been coming into work that at one time were genuine good people. Now, the drugs and alcohol has taken a toll on them and a few of my once “friends” were taken out in handcuffs for shoplifting.

So, overall I am glad for the health my good friends, my Dad and I are in. I also realized, I need to get more medical check-ups as I get older. Also, try to get back in touch with a few other friends; both young and old. Like the song said “You don’t know what you got until its gone.” – Then it is too late


My cigar views this week are pretty slim. The middle of last week, my gums were hurting me something fierce. I had thought I had had an impacted tooth, but it wasn’t the case. I had gotten a spice from some chili down in where a tooth used to reside and it irritated my gums and swelled them up some. Needless to say, that didn’t last but a day or two and went away as fast as it came up. During this time and afterwards, I didn’t want to irritate my gums any more; so cigars were put on hold for a few days afterwards.


Cigar Views


WOAMArturo Fuente Work of Art Maduro (2011): I know what I am asking Santa to bring me this year! These are one of my favorite cigars aged. They age so beautifully that it is hard sometimes to get more than a year or so on them. I have had one that was about 3 1/2 years old and was even better than this one at 2years old. Great dark, but smooth flavors with a great draw and burn. The ashes held so good, I only ashed this cigar three times. After a long weekend, this was a well deserved treat and hope to score a box to age this holiday season. That’s if they last long enough to age. They are good fresh, but better aged. 




LGCBLa Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli*: I have seen these with “Esteli” as well as “Black” on the band. I am not certain what the finalized name is on these. But, they are worth the wait and the best La Gloria Serie R I have had. If you like the “N”, you will really like the Black/Esetli.

I won’t go into too any certain details on this cigar as I was trying another one out for an upcoming review. Like I said before, its the best La Gloria Cubana Serie R I have ever had! It is interesting to see companies going more and more “out of the box” and get away from their typical blends and countries of origin (tobacco wise).


LHPrimer Mundo La Hermandad*:This cigar was a smoke that sort-of surprised me. I knew that this cigar was made by Pinar Del Rio, but was not sure how much influences they had on the blend. You can taste the PDR influences and Sean Williams influences in the smoke. It was a nice collaboration between the two; but to me the PDR influences were more announced. There are a few PDR cigars I like, and more that I am still on the fence with. This cigar (although its a Primer Mundo) is one that I do like. It did have a few issues staying lit, but other than that I had no problems with it.


OTGIconic Leaf Recluse Excepcionales OTG*: The name says it all with this cigar… Exceptional. One of my favorite “boutique” cigars on the market. Had great flavors of a dark charred wood, healthy dose of black pepper & a bit of dark chocolate. Had a nice & firm draw with a fairy even burn considering the rounded box press. I usually don’t smoke too many “long” cigars; over 6 or so inches. Unless its a lancero, then I ‘ll make exceptions. This cigar was a great smoke for the time I offered to it. Never had a issue with it one bit.


*Company supplied sample.


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