“Smoked Up” No.41

The last few weeks have been very busy around the house. I took a week long vacation for a yearly hunting and camping trip with my buddies. The fresh air felt great in the lungs and was good to get away from the city life and enjoy nature. I packed a slew of cigars to smoke while there, but only smoked one; which really surprised me! Last year, I pretty much always had a cigar in my mouth while up there, but this year was different in many ways. For one, our buddy “Uncle Bob”(RIP) didn’t make it on the trip, the squirrels were lesser (or better hiders)  this year and had less people make the 700 mile round trip. All and all, it was a nice trip and really enjoyed myself.

I got back to “civilization” on Monday and went shopping for new shoes. Next thing I know, I am buying my daughter shoes and clothes and not the first pair of shoes for me! I think it was due to the friendly sales girl in the kid’s shoe store and the unfriendly sales people in the adult shoe stores. That’s why I will go back to buying my shoes online; poor customer service!

Next thing I know, I am looking around in BestBuy and walk out with a new laptop. The old laptop my girlfriend let me use, finally gave up the ghost a few months back. That is a main reason why I didn’t get out a lot of reviews and such in the last few months. I got a new “basic” laptop and it seems to be good enough for my likings. A new laptop will help me greatly getting out more reviews, more often. Lets just see how long it takes for me to christen it with cigar ashes!! 


Cigar Views

Flor-De Gonzalaz 1980Flor De Gonzalez 90 Miles “1980 Edition”: I also wondered into the local Tinder Box to see what they had in new on Monday. That small shop is always getting new and interesting cigars in. That shop amazes me of how many cigars they have in two small humidors. I found this cigar there and remembered I did like the original 90Miles and the owner told me the 1980 was just as good, yet somewhat stronger. He was dead on the money too. It was a nice bit stronger. Had a light pepper note with and even lighter hint of vanilla that didn’t linger long on the pallet. There was also a nice coffee flavor I got here and there that I really liked. The ashes were tight and long with no flakes. The draw was a bit past milkshake thick and was borderline unfavorable for me. Overall, it was a pretty good smoke that would have been better if the draw was easier. 


Ashton VSG PegasusAshton Virgin Sungrown (VSG) Pegasus: I used to smoke the fire out of the VSGs when I first started enjoying more fuller bodied cigars. I never picked a favorite size, as they were all good. That all changed when I got ahold a handful of the Pegasus (robusto). I am not sure what it is about this particular size, but its my favorite. Maybe it was the size in general that was enough nicotine/flavor ratio. Maybe there is a subtle flavor difference that I unconsciously am drawn back to it. Either way, its a great smoke. Superb draw and great burn. Enjoyed it with a glass of Makers Mark, and neither overpowered the other. Didn’t pay much attention to any particular flavors as the bourbon was talking and so were we around the campfire.


Puros IndiosPuros Indios Siembra de Oro: Aged for about 2yrs, this was a decent economical short smoke. Had a so-so burn, good draw & flaky ashes. Started off with a healthy dose of vegetal tones. The backend of the smoke had a twangy wood tone with a slight short lived cocoa tone. The vegal tones eased off in strength around half way & made the smoke somewhat better. The aging process on this cigar has made it more “likeable”. Its not as bitter and twangy as it was when I first bought them years ago. Nothing fancy, but a so-so smoke.


Viaje PlatinoViaje Platino Belicoso: This cigar was well over three years old & has mellowed off nicely. Had a good draw, iffy burn & tight ashes. Creamy mellowed pepper with light vanilla & caramel notes. There was a cocoa flavor on the short finish. I liked the cigar, but it may have mellowed a little too much. Its no lancero, my favorite Platino vitola, but its a good smoke. Definitely a smoke that is good fresh and better with some age. That is what I have found to be the case with many Viajes. Yet, some aren’t that great fresh, but way better aged.


Paul Stulac GhostPaul Stulac Ghost: My box of these is starting to dwindle down. I am going to have to slow down smoking these as I plan to age a few of these a few years to see how they are then. They are a pretty good smoke with rich earthy and leathery flavors that keeps me coming back to them time and time again. These cigars are slightly a bit above my usual sweetspot price point, but are worth it. I have never seen them locally, but they can be found in a few shops here and there. If you ever come across any, they are worth a try. My favorite size is the Phantom. I have had almost every size in the line and they are all worth a try.


Gurkha Empire IVGurkha Empire IV: I seem to smoke a fair amount of these cigars. A local shop keeps a few of the Empire lines in stock and I always grab an Empire IV when I stop in. For the $5 or so price tag, they are one of my favorite Gurkha cigars. If you like the Roma Craft Intemperance BA cigars, the Empire IV has the same wrapper and fairly similar tastes. Although similar in tastes, I do prefer the Intemperance BA over the Empire IV. Maybe if Gurkha would make the Empire lines in different sizes, like a corona or petite corona etc.. I would like them just as much as the Intemperance BA. That is one thing that I never understood is why Gurkha doesn’t make many of their lines in different vitolas.


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