“Smoked Up” No.43

I am really enjoying the cooler weather we have gotten here lately. I just wish it would make up its mind and stick around! One day its in the 70s, the next its in the upper 80s. Its amazing how I stay from getting sick. The better weather and my new laptop allowed me to get in two cigar reviews this week. Hopefully the weather can stay pleasant and I can keep up the pace on the reviews.

Halloween went well, we went with the “in-laws” to a Trunk or Treat at a Church. Satori had a blast and got way too much candy than a 2 year old should ever have. Satori won the 0-3yr old girl’s costume contest too! Her mom spent a lot of time hand making her costume and was a great success. I went as a “hunter”, wearing full camo… which is not anything unusual for me as I wear camo here and there during the fall/winter.


Saturday, I was the winner of some Commonwealth Cedar Spills after I answered a Rocky Patel trivia question on the Kiss My Ash Radio show. They will be here in a week or so and am looking forward to giving them a try and let you know what I think of them.


Cigar Views

Emilio Draig CayuqueroEmilio Draig Cayuquero Toro: The 2013 Emilio Draig is called the Cayuquero and I got a few to sample from Emilio Cigars. This year’s Draig had a better draw than the Draig K, although I did sit it outside on the ashtray, got sidetracked and almost forgot about it. So the humidity level of the cigar was a bit on the higher side; causing a tab bit thicker draw and slightly off burn. Started off with some hints of chocolate, cinnamon and a vegetal/floral twang to it. 2nd portion had some smooth wood, and coffee notes. The final portion had similar flavors as the middle portion, yet darker and richer. I didn’t care much for the long finish during the final part. I am on the fence about this cigar. If the draw of the Draig K would have been less snug, I would have liked it over the Cayuquero. None the less, it is a cigar I would suggest to try.


Viaje Skull & Bones MOABViaje Skull and Bones MOAB (2012): Every year after the Halloween shenanigans die down, I try to smoke a “Halloween Themed” type of cigar. This year, a Viaje S&B MOAB from 2012 goes up in ashes. This smoke is like most LE Viajes, it gets better with time. There was nice dark charred meat and oak flavors that are a bit less “sharper” than I remembered when it was fresh. A ways in, I got some brown sugar or molasses notes that very not as strong as the others and on the later part of the smoke. The draw was milkshake thick with a so-so burn. This cigar produced a ton of smoke even with a snug draw. I paired the S&B with some Dr. Pepper and Makers Mark which seemed to go well together with the darker flavors of both the cigar and the drink. During the last half of the cigar, I got a nice healthy amount of chocolate in the mix of flavors. I enjoyed this smoke more now that the flavors have lost their edge from when they were fresh.


Espinosa La ZonaEspinosa La Zona Connecticut: I still enjoy this cigar every time I smoke one. I enjoy it more with a fresh and untainted palate. I enjoy the creaminess of the smoke time after time. I get nice mellow woodsy notes & a nice bit of toast. Some ample white pepper on the back half of the smoke is there as well. This is still one of, if not, the best Connecticut cigars I have ever smoked. There are a few with stronger flavors and body. But this cigar has a nice mix of flavors and body that work well. Sometimes I want a full body cigar with lots of darker meaty flavors. Yet, sometimes I want a lighter cigar with great flavors to pair with a nice cup of light coffee and the La Zona Connecticut is that cigar.


PDR AFR-75PDR AFR-75 Edmundo: I don’t smoke too many PDR cigars, mainly because of the rarity of them locally. The ones I have smoked have a unique flavor profile and most have a “twang” to them that always keeps me on my toes. This one was no different as I got the twang right off the bat, but was muted fairly quickly. Had some darker chocolate, dark roasted coffee and vegetal flavors made for an interesting smoke. If you like San Andres wrapped cigars, I would suggest to try this one or one with a smaller rg as its a pretty good smoke. Lots of dense smoke, clean burn and a pretty good draw. The 58rg of the cigar is not my favorite when it comes to ring gauges, but its not 60+.  After looking into the blend of this cigar, I see it is a $15 cigar! Is it worth it? At first I would say “heck no”, but then once I got into it more I am on the fence as it turned out to be a pretty good smoke!


SAMSUNGOrtega Serie D Natural No12: I usually smoke more maduro Serie D’s, but I am venturing out with some naturals here and there. The natural gave off massive amounts of thick smoke that was full of woodsy and peppery notes. A bit into it, I got some nice leathery notes that mixed well with the Makers Mark I was enjoying with it. Had a great draw, burn with no construction issues. I even had to let it sit a few minutes to handle household business and came back to find it still going well. I still prefer the Maduro Serie D, but the Natural is easing towards a cigar I would smoke more regularly.


Lets see who really reads this. I will send a 5pk of cigars to one random person who comments on this post. Comment in this post: what is your favorite cigar right now, thoughts on any of the cigars I smoked in this post or on any of the news in this post. Rhetorical comments will not count. Contest will last until I post the next “Smoked Up” next Tuesday.

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Recently had my first Alec Bradley Black Market and really enjoyed it. New to the cigar world (about 2 months of regular smokes) Ortega has been on my hit list for a couple weeks now…will have to try them both! Thanks for the info.

Asylum and Undercrown I just can’t get enough of

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