“Smoked Up” No.45

This week’s smokings has been fairly light. The weather was cold one day, cool the next , rainy another and then warm the next. It wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up with a runny nose by the end of this week. Nothing some bourbon, lemon juice and a few cold pills wont sweat out. I spent a lot of time with friends and family and less with cigars this past week. When the weather gets reasonable at night, I can see a few bonfires and cigars in the making. Work is pretty hectic and been trying to play catch up for the last few weeks. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but its pretty faint!

My weekend was pretty low-key. Went to a community arts and & crafts festival and found out my hometown has no open container law. Which made me being there a bit easier to manage (haha). After that fiasco, I went to the local shop and watched the AL vs MS State game; that was an aggravating ordeal to watch. But, was happy to see State held AL to only 20 points in the game. That was the least points they have scored all season and I held my head high after that game (being a MS State fan). Seeing MS State is an unranked team and AL could only score 20 points on them was a feat in itself.


Cigar Views


East India Red Witch 2x FuerteEast India Trading Co. Red Witch Double Fuerte: A new extension to the Red Witch line that I have found to be a pretty good medium bodied cigar. The Double Fuerte has twice the ligero as the original Red Witch and it shows right out of the gate. It is a fairly good bit stronger than the original and a unhealthy amount of spice right at the start. I also got some hints of nuts and coffee in the flavor profile and I progressed into the cigar, the spiciness of the smoke eased off and let an ample amount of caramel show through. I enjoyed this cigar somewhat for a more fuller part of its predecessor. With an inch plus left, the flavors got off and got tired of touching up the off burn; so I laid it to rest there. The 6×56 size of this cigar is about the limit when it comes to cigars. I like that the blends are somewhat similar and I can get a medium bodied smoke from the original Red Witch and a more fuller evening time cigar from the Double Fuerte Red Witch.


La Aurora 1495La Aurora 1495 Robusto: I always have liked La Aurora cigars, they have always had a home in my humidor. Great smokes for decent prices. They make cigars that can meet anybody’s budget. I got this cigar for about $5.50 and is worth every penny. Had a great draw and burn. Produced a nice amount of woody and slightly peppery smoke with slight hints of a vanilla that danced in and out of my mouth.  The more I got into the cigar, the smoke got more the creamy. It wasn’t buttery smooth, but smoother than the start. The last inch or so, was more peppery than before and the smoothness was reduced a good bit. Not a very a very complex smoke, but a good solid smoke that was well worth the money.


La Gloria Cubana CGLa Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Natural: I got these from La Gloria Cubana last year when they gave away a box a day for 12 days to 12 followers of theirs on twitter. So, I suggest to follow them and keep you eyes pealed. They don’t post much on twitter, but when they do, its worth it. Sitting for about a year, this cigar has evened off nicely. It had a nice woody and cedary flavor that many people have came to like. It is a no thrills cigar, but a solid smoke that I enjoy. Towards the halfway mark, I got some hints of a muted black pepper with a creamy smooth finish. These can be bought for about $100 a box and are worth it as they have a nice smoke time and good solid flavors.


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