“Smoked Up” No.46

The holiday season is getting into full swing. The stores have Christmas music playing, with trees, lights and other holiday accessories out. The weather is getting pretty brisk and Thanksgiving is Thursday as the year is creeping to an end. I hope everybody has a safe and happy Thanksgiving no matter what your plans are. Also realize we don’t have to wait till Thanksgiving (or November) to be thankful. Be thankful every day.

Saturday I spent most the day building Christmas yard decorations. My Dad helped me build a major part of the light display. We worked till late in the night and we finally had to call it quits after the temperature dropped into the 40s. Sunday, I had planned on doing the Bonita Smoke Shop 18th Anniversary review, but it got postponed until yesterday. I ended up adding three extra electrical outlets outside my house. I am planning on a huge amount of Christmas lights this year and wasn’t going to test the current electrical situation at my house. My great buddy Wes, helped me out a lot and made the job much easier. The few hour job turned into many hours after a few minor snags in the plan. But was worth it in the long run. I ended up testing out each outlet with a few hundred lights and found no issues. I plan to keep adding lights to the yard as the days/weeks go by and will post up a video of the who display once I am done with it in a few weeks.



Cigar Views

Iconic Leaf DraconianIconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Robusto*: I did a full review of the prerelease sample of this cigar a while back. The smoke was fairly smooth and had a slightly creamy aftertaste to it. I got a nice amount of a dark chocolate and an easy black pepper. The combination doesn’t sound like it would be pleasurable, but the black pepper wasn’t too strong or “bitey”. The flavors were exactly like I got in the prerelease sample. I am glad to see they kept the blend the same as it is a pretty good smoke! The citrus zest, French bread and coffee flavors I got in the prerelease are still there as well. The draw was great, burn was straight as an arrow & produced massive amounts of smoke. The only difference between the prerelease and the production, was the production was a soft box pressed cigar and the prerelease was a parejo.


Reinado GERReinado Grand Empire Reserve Robusto: I am lucky enough to find a close by shop that has picked up Reinado. The owner says they are moving well and a lot of people are coming back for more. I am with them, I love Reinado cigars; both their core line and Grand Empire Reserve. Both are awesome smokes with similar, yet different flavors. The G.E.R has a nice rich chocolate and pepper core flavors that are a solid high ended medium strength. The finish was pretty creamy and lingered a while on my taste buds. The burn and draw were impeccable. This is definitely a cigar to seek out and buy. I recommend a 5er and if the wallet allows, a box.


My Father La Reloba Mexican CoronaMy Father Cigars – La Reloba Seleccion Mexico Corona: At first, I was a hug fan of the Sumatra blend of this series of cigars. Then the wealth of love was spread with it and the Seleccion Mexico. This one starts out with a peppery spice kick that is almost too much in strength for my likings. Once into the cigar some, the peppery spice muddles down with a dark woody note. There is a subtle sweetness in the background of the smoke and lingers some on the finish. For about $4-5, these are great smokes for the money and I highly recommend them for a “budget smoke” that has good flavors. Had a decent burn, ok draw and short dropping ashes; but what do you expect for $5?


Ortega Serie D No,12 NaturalOrtega Serie D No.12 Natural: Offering a great draw, burn and construction as all Ortega Cigars do, I am still on the fence of if I would smoke the natural more. I still prefer the maduro a whole lot more, but the natural is still good. Had peppery and woody notes the main part of the cigar. Somewhere after half way I got some leathery notes in the smoke. I think the leather notes keeps me smoking these more than if they weren’t there. I like a dark leathery cigar and this cigar has the leather, just not enough “darkness” for my likings as a daily smoke.


Cigar News

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* This cigar was given to me unsolicited via the company for review or as a gift. That being said, does not effect my overall outlook of such cigar.

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The Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Robusto sounds very pleasant to me based on your description. I love dark chocolate notes and a bit of spice, and it sounds like the additional flavors would really add some zest.

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