“Smoked Up” No.5

This week has been really crazy for me. I got one of only two prereleased cigars from Elogio & Cresecent City Cigars and got a review of it up. It was a pretty good smoke! So I was stoked to have been one of two who got to review it first. Then, I had a  loss of a family friend. So I had a lot on my mind this week.

“We don’t know what we got it, until its gone.”

RIP Joesph Hurd Sr. You will be missed.


 Cigars of the Week


Viaje 5thViaje 5th Anniversary: Most Viaje LEs I’ve found need to rest a few months to reach their full potential. This one has sat for about two months. The draw started out tight, but eased up some once into it. The burn was fairly good, and only needed one touch-up. Had chalky wood & slight pepper flavors at first with a slight cocoa undertone. Around halfway the pepper died off & left the chalky wood notes. There was a slight taste of a salt aftertaste to it towards the end. For a 5th Anniversary cigar, I had expected a good bit more from Viaje. Maybe it needs more rest in the humidor.


5 Vegas5 Vegas High Primings: The draw was ok, the burn about the same. It had some bland flavors to me and I really didn’t care much for this cigar. I gave it til a little before half way point to see if it changed any. It just didn’t appeal to my tastes at all. I usually give a cigar a second or even a third try, but this one will not get a second opinion. I don’t prefer the 5 Vegas Classic line and this one is the same. The 5Vegas “A” & “AAA” are way better smokes in my opinion.



Para JaponLa Aurora Para Japon: I’ve had this cigar ever since they came out almost two years ago, so its got a bit of rest on it. Had a slightly thick draw, but burned quite well. Creamy wood flavors with a short lived pepper flavor for the start. Into it some, mellow cedar & leather flavors; the leather stronger. Towards the end, the pepper flavor came back as a muted undertone. Over all a pretty good smoke that is a bit stronger than the “original” La Aurora cigar.



La Aurora EscogidoLa Aurora Escogidos Maduro Robusto: Once only available at the La Aurora factory, these gems are now available to the general public and at a great price. Had a great draw and burn. Nice woody flavors with a slight kick of spice & a slightly sweetened undertone right off the bat. About an inch in, the flavors got fairly creamy yet still woody & slightly spicy. Around half way, I got a hint of a bitter chocolate flavor. Towards the end, the chocolate flavor seemed to ramp up & got less bitter and more of a cocoa flavor. Right at the end, I got a bit of cedar on the chocolate that kept me puffn’ on with it. Produced dense clouds of rich smoke that I really enjoyed. For about $40/box, they are definitely box worthy for a kick around cigar.


Antonio Benetez EEAntonio Benetez EE Maduro Robusto: I did a review of corona size a few months ago and got around to the robusto size. The robusto was pretty similar to the corona size as far a flavors. Burned well and had a good draw. Had dark and charred peppered meaty flavors throughout the cigar. I have had a few sizes of the EE Maduro and like the corona a robusto mainly. But, they are all good in their own aspects. Pretty full body and flavors that are not too overpowering, or lacking.



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