“Smoked Up” No.57

The past week has been getting better in my area. The weather got beautiful this weekend in the lower to mid 60s. Was great weather to get out in and do some yard work, enjoy a few cigars etc… I was invited to be in a local cigar shop’s tv commercial on Tuesday afternoon. I was no key actor in it, just a “butt in a seat”! The commercial is not out yet, as I am interested to see how it turns out.

I got a review in of the Commonwealth Cedar Spills this weekend while at another local shop. While there I got a few cigars that I wouldn’t usually look at trying. I am making it a thing this year to smoke more variety of cigars and to look outside my typical cigars. A few I got were pretty good and others not so much. But that’s one of the interesting aspects of the cigar life!


Cigar Views

SAMSUNGBlanco Primos Toro: I enjoy many of the Blanco cigars. Mainly the criollo, but have been trying every one of their blends I can get my hands on. A local shop El Puros Perfecto has a good selection of Blanco and the Primos is one of their more cost effective lines. It started with a with an ample woodiness with an even smaller amount of black pepper. There was also a very faint sweetness that poked up here and there that kept me interested in the cigar. For about $4 or 5; its not a bad smoke. It would make a good cigar for anybody who wants to smoke a cigar on a regular basis or someone just getting into cigars. Its a pretty decent smoke for the money.  


LADC MARLa Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva: The newest line from LADC that I really wasn’t in no hurry to smoke. I really didn’t care to much for the Mi Amor, but figured I’d give the Reserva a try. There was nice smooth chocolate notes that transitioned into more of a richer cocoa note as the cigar progressed and eventually a mocha flavor. A hint of caramel on the latter half of the draw kept me interested in the smoke. At the very end of the cigar was a large amount of black pepper that was a bit too much for me and I put it down soon there after. In my opinion it is better than the original Mi Amor.


Villager Nica RomaVillager Nica Roma Habano: Continuing on with my New Years Resolution of smoking as many different cigars as I could this year is the Nica Roma from Villager. This is a very economical cigar at about $3 and change. I don’t expect much from a sub five dollar cigar and that’s what I got. There was mild flavors of white pepper and a even lesser cream note. The burn and draw was good, but the cap did come off some when I cut it. Other than that the construction was pretty nice. The room note of this cigar was very sharp and pungent. Not a cigar to  smoke around non-smokers as it produced some strong and odd room notes. Nothing to favorable for this cigar for me. But for $3, it was ok.


Padilla Reserva MaduroPadilla Reserva Maduro: I don’t smoke too many Padilla and I am not sure as to why not. They have never let me down and have some pretty good blends for reasonable prices. I had been eyeing the Reserve ever since it hit the shelves and I finally pulled the trigger on it. It started with a thick draw that eased up as I got through the cigar. Had great thick dark chocolate with a simple and subtle earthiness. The maduro wrapper finally revealed a  mocha flavor during the last part of the cigar. The cigar got better and better as it progressed. Definitely will smoke more of this cigar.


Camacho BlackoutCamacho Blackout: I used to be real big on grabbing up limited edition cigars as soon as they come out. Now, I have slowed down on getting them so soon and have been sitting back and seeing how others are liking (or disliking) the cigar. This cigar had some decent praise to it so figured why not. It started with a nice mocha flavor off the bat from a nice, but thick draw. The power of the cigar shows right off the bat, but there is also strong flavor as well. I didn’t think this cigar would be as smooth as it was. There was a hint of pepper on the back of the smoke that was more powerful on the retrohale. At half way I got a herbal almost vegetal tasted that I really didn’t care too much for. For $13, its not something I would smoke on the regular; but overall a decent smoke.


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