“Smoked Up” No.6

This year is really moving fast! Here it is, already into the second week of February. There has been crazy weather up north with snow storms and rain and tornadoes here down south. Between it being cold one day and warm the next, I did jot down a few notes on some of the cigars I smoked this past week as well as some cigar news from the week.


Cigars from the Week

Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon Torpedo: I got this cigar as a gift from a local shop owner. I couldn’t find any information on these cigars, so if you find any, let me know. It was a very woody & nutty cigar. Stayed fairly consistent the whole way through. Not a very complex smoke, but a somewhat enjoyable one. The draw was great & burn was nice. I let it sit while tending the ribs on the smoker & it didn’t need a relight. A medium bodied & flavor strength cigar that would be a good morning or afternoon smoke seeing its not too bold.


San Lotano Oval Robusto: I absolutely love this cigar, hands down one of my all time favorites! Rich chocolate flavors with a subtle pepper undertone. I also get a hint of a pecan flavor in the smoke as well. The shape takes some getting used to, but does well with a V-cut. Drew & burned great, also held a long tight ash. I do prefer the natural over the maduro Ovals, though each are good in their own aspects. But I still love the Natural line a good bit more.


AF2 Toro

Emilio AF2 Toro: A larger ring gauged toro than i’m used to. Had good draw & burn with ashes that lasted around an inch. Flavors of wood & a slight creaminess. The creaminess had a minute taste of a chocolate flavor. Around halfway, I got more of the chocolate or cocoa flavor which made me draw to the AF2. I used to smoke a lot of these, but now see myself smoking more AF1. The San Andres Maduro of the AF1 does more for me than the Ecuadoran Habano Oscuro wrapper of the AF2.


Kill Bill II

La Palina El Diario Kill Bill II: Had a superb draw, decent burn, but needed a few relights & touch ups. Had some interesting vegetal flavors to it with a healthy bit of a long lasting pepper note at first. Then moved on to sweet hints of chocolate & leather here & there. Then towards the end, a hint of an oak wood flavor note showed through. I have had a few La Palina cigars (but not all lines) and prefer the original line over the rest. I am slowly on the hunt to try them all though. Over all a pretty good smoke, but worth the $11? Not too sure of that.


Concert Solo

CAO Concert Solo: I didn’t care for any of the Osa Sol, but I really like each size in concert line. Had milkshake thick draw & a pretty good burn even considering the 90% humidity of the day. Started off with some vegetal flavors that quickly diminished into some wood, nuts & a nice sweet finish. Some nice muted black pepper flavors come in a ways into it. Towards the end I got some chocolate flavors that got slightly bitter to the end, but not unpleasant. Very good, smooth smoke with a med-full body to it. A pretty good cigar at a great price.



Cigar News Recap

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