“Smoked Up” No.61

The past week has been a quite an interesting one to say the least. Last week at work, we finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as to being caught up. Then on Saturday, one of my good friends called me up needing my help. I won’t go into too many details, but he owns a small farm and I now have a vast amount of pork in my freezer. Saying that, I missed a cigar event I was planning on going to. I was looking forward to it, but my buddy has helped me out numerous times in the past and I didn’t mind returning the favor. Sunday, I drank coffee, worked in the garden, played with my daughter outside, smoked a few cigars and enjoyed the mid 60 degree weather. The first part of this week was a doozy, a head cold hit me pretty hard and I am still feeling it today.

I got a review out of the Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Sidewinder #2 on friday. It was an interesting shaped cigar with some nice flavors that I enjoyed. Take a look at the review and give me some thoughts or feedback on it.



Cigar Views

 Felipe Gregorio Defiant

Felipe Gregorio Defiant Habana Robusto: This is my second Felipe Gregorio I have ever had and the first one in probably four or so years. I don’t see them at all in my area and with some research, I realized, they make a good amount of various cigars! Had a good, but slightly thick draw, key notes of charred wood, slight black pepper & an even lesser sweet tone to it. Medium to full flavor strength with a fullish body to it. A local shop got in a box of each of the three wrappers in this line and I am looking forward to trying the other two out. This was a pretty good smoke that somewhat surprised me.   


Davidoff Short Perfecto

Davidoff Short Perfecto: A Davidoff cigar has now been part of my Sunday morning ritual. Get up, play with my daughter, fix coffee & smoke a Davidoff while Satori plays in the yard. This short perfecto is a size I wish more companies would make. It offers a mix of small ring gauge flavors along with larger ring gauge flavors. I got some sweet tobacco and cocoa notes from a slightly thicker draw. Overall a pretty nice smoke to enjoy on a beautiful day with a cup of coffee.


G.A.R. Opium STK

G.A.R. Opium STK: I think G.A.R. cigars are not appreciated enough, as they make some pretty good blends. This Opium is one of my favorites from them. This size gave me good flavors during a nice amount of smoking time, for a good price. I got smooth hints of sweetness and a possible brown sugar. Produced a ton of smoke that also had some light black pepper on the backhalf of the draw and finish.


Room 101 Namakubia Ecuador Papi Chulo

Room 101 Namakubia Ecuador Papi Chulo: I ended my weekend with this cigar. When it came out, I didn’t smoke a whole bunch of these. I preferred the original Namakubia line. The Ecuadorian wrapper gave the Namakubia blend a bit of sweetness with a strong peppery note that I dared not to retrohale. Its not a bad smoke in my opinion, just not one of my top Room 101 cigars.


Cigar News

Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Sidewinder #2

“Smoked Up” No.60


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