“Smoked Up” No.63

Now that my “cold of death” is pretty much gone after its two plus week stay in my body, I  have enjoyed a few more smokes this past week. I am getting my strength back and more active than I was the last few weeks. I hate when something gets the best of me and that cold almost did. Now, my work is trying to get the best of me. My new supervisor has a large amount of unfinished work that wasn’t done by previous employees. Now he has recruited me to help him finish those jobs, plus my current jobs…. But like I told him “What ever pays the bills! If you want me to paint the parking lot purple, I’m going to go grab a brush.” I guess that type of attitude is why he just gave me a pretty substantial raise recently.

I got a review out on Monday of the new line from Nomad Cigars, the S-307 Toro. This was an interesting cigar and I was quite pleased with it. With Nomad being a fairly new company, I’d keep my eye out for some other good cigars in the near future. Check out the review and give me some thoughts on it and the cigar if you have had it before.

Cigar Views

1876 Maduro Toro

1876 Maduro Toro: I was gifted this cigar by a buddy who grabbed them from CI for about $60 for 50. He got them to try them out for an every day type of smoke. For about $1 and pennies, you get what you pay for and a little bit more. The cigar was fairly one dimensional and the only change was with about 2″ left. Had light mocha and even lesser hints of coffee & chocolate. Not a bad smoke, but nothing empressive at all. For a dollar and pennies, its a so-so yard gar. I would suggest to get the toro as the last 2″ were pretty rough and the toro gives you a bit more smoke time before it gets too rough.  


Ortega Serie D No8 Natural

Ortega Serie D Natural No.8: Back to my old smoking routine with this cigar. Its one of my favorites and will always have some on hand. I have half a box of these left and one of the next boxes I get, will be this cigar or possibly another size. Great flavors and construction; what more could I ask for? Had nice pepper and cocoa notes with hints of coffee with a creamy finish to it.


Punch Rare Corojo Salamone

Punch Rare Corojo Salamone 2014: Punch cigars will always have a place in my humidor. They are all a pretty good smoke, but some sizes are better than others. This is the first time a Salamone has been offered in this blend. Offered nice flavors of a medium strengthed spice and slightly stronger oak-like wood. Won’t go into full details on this as I plan a full in-depth review on this cigar in the next few weeks.

Nomad S-307 Toro 4

Nomad S-307 Toro: This is my weekly reviewed cigar and it was a superb smoke. I was a little shocked at some of the flavors I came across in the smoke. I won’t go into too much detail here, you have to read the review for yourself.


Cigar News

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