“Smoked Up” No.65

This installment of “Smoked Up” is a double installment. I didn’t smoke a whole lot of cigars over the last two weeks, so I decided to combine them all into one. I was enjoying the nice spring weather by playing with my daughter out in the yard, working in the garden, doing some much needed yard work and putting up an above ground pool for the family. Seemed like perfect times to enjoy a cigar, but I just didn’t get around to toasting one up. I did get 2 reviews out. One of the new Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro Robusto Gordo last week. I was going to get another review out on this past Monday, but the weather got severe here and had a tornado in the area. So that kept me on the couch. Check out the review and give me some of your thoughts on it and the cigar if you have gotten your hands on it yet.


Cigar Views

CAO Flathead 554

CAO Flathead 554: I have had this cigar since a week or so prior to their release. I was planning on doing a full review and still think I will. I tried this cigar (previously) fresh off the truck and was a pretty tasty smoke. Its still the same today and has some unique flavors to it. There were herbal hints with some cocoa and a tad bit of some earthiness to it as well. The ashes were amazingly long as the rounded box press held them on nicely. Overall an interesting smoke I will be taking a detailed look at later on in the near future.   

 Nestor Miranda SS Perfecto

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Ruky Perfecto: The perfecto was once one of my favorite cigar vitolas. It is still in the top ranks, but a corona or petite corona took its top ranking. I have had this cigar for a good number of years and really don’t know the amount of rest on it, but I would suspect at least 2 or more years. The smoke had some nice wood, a light black pepper and some hints of a faint creamy sweetness.  I still prefer the “Coffee Break” size in this blend., but the perfecto was a bit more on smoke time and a great way to end the weekend with accompanied by a cup of Sumatra coffee.

Room 101 Daruma Papi Chulo

Room 101 Daruma Papi Chulo: I didn’t smoke too many of the Daruma line when it came out. I am not exactly sure as to why, but I didn’t. The Papi Chulo is my favorite size that Room 101 makes and its a favorite size in most of Matt Booth’s blends. The Daruma had some spicy coffee notes with a good bit of a black licorice as well. I am not a hug fan of licorice, so this cigar is not a cigar I would come back to too often. Not a bad smoke at all, just not to my likings at the time.

Epicurean Santeria

Epicurean Santeria: I have had the two first blends from Epicurean and didn’t particularly care a whole lot for them. The flavors where “off” to me and didn’t endulge my senses as much as I hoped they would. The fourth line from Epicurean is the Santeria and it was  bit better then the other two I tried previously. Enough that I finished the whole toro sized cigar almost to the end. The previous lines I didn’t make it half way. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to any flavors but there was a memorable sweetness that stuck in my head. Overall, not a bad smoke and I would try another one in the future.

Davidoff Gran Cru No.2

Davidoff Grand Cru No.2: My usual Sunday Davidoff was the Gran Cru No.2 There was a hard spot a little past the band and it had a thick draw. The thick draw gave me a good bit of troubles and effected the draw and flavors. I actually had to relight the cigar as it went out once after a rest that any other cigar with a good draw wouldn’t have done. The flavors I did get were fairly nice, although I am positive that they would have been tenfold better had the draw been lesser. I got some nice wood, cream and a slight herbal note I couldn’t pinpoint. Goes to show you that cigars are a hand made product and no matter the cost, there can be issues with construction.


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