“Smoked Up” No.68

I think I may have gotten a few too many coals in the fire this past week. My friend Joe and I are working on coming up with some metallurgy ideas. We want to build each a small metal forge to make rings, bracelets, knives etc… We were planning on taking it slow, but I slipped in a little too deep and went out and bought a whole bunch of tools to do it. Then, I was needing to clean off the winter junk and leaves off my carport on Saturday, but finishing my hammock stands took that over. Then I had to enjoy the fruits of my labor and ended up laying around in the hammock most of Saturday.

Sunday was a day I was going to tend to my garden some, then get a review out, but it got pushed back to a later date. I ended up taking the family to brunch, then ended up going grocery shopping. By the time we got done it was late and I was beat. So I didn’t get too much accomplished over the weekend that I had wanted to. I did get in a few smokes over the last few days seeing the weather was amazing.

Cigar Views


Room 101 Serie HN Papi Chulo

Room 101 HN Corona: I really like the Papi Chulo size that Room 101 produces and I think the corona is a close second. This was my first Series HN and it was a pretty potent and pungent smoke. Had the typical musty notes you typically get from a Honduran cigar, plus some more. A little ways in, I got some ample graham cracker like sweetness that helped tone down the mustiness of the Honduran tobacco. Great construction as you would expect from a Room 101. Its way down on my list of favorite Room 101s, but a pretty decent smoke if you like Honduran blends. 

Room 101 Daruma Papi Chulpo

Room 101 Daruma Papi Chulo: A very unique smoke that had some good flavors. I got a healthy bit of some earth, leather, hints of black pepper and slight hints of caramel here & there. The construction was spot-on as I had some nice ashes seeing they were from a smaller ring gauged cigar. Still not my favorite Room 101, but maybe along the middle of the line of favorite 101s.


 601 La Bomba Sake Bomb

601 La Bomba “Sake Bomb”: This is the newest and smalled size to the ever so popular La Bomba line of cigars from Espinosa Cigars. I liked the somewhat spicy wood notes that was accompanied by some herbal notes. A ways in, I got a bit of a cocoa note in the middle of the draw that helped ease some of the spiciness of the wood note. It wasn’t a spice bomb, so don’t let that scare you off.  The draw was a tad on the thicker side, but manageable. Overall a pretty good smoke that I will be getting a full review on here in the upcoming weeks.


 Cuenca 5 Anniversay Toro

Cuenca 5 Anniversary: I won a few of these cigars from a random picking of the people in the Stogie411.com chat room. Ana Cuenca was the guest a few weeks back and she gave away a few packs of these great smokes. I did a review on the torpedo shape of this blend a while back and was quite pleased with it. This one was no different. It had a classic, yet somewhat modern taste to it. A solid medium smoke that pleased my palate as I laid in my hammock on my lazy Saturday afternoon.


La Aurora 1495 CRA Edition

La Aurora 1495 CRA Edition: I got this cigar when I renewed my CRA membership a few months back. If you are not a member, I suggest you sign up. Many shops give CRA member discounts and it helps us enjoy our cigars without too many regulations being put in place. With what the FDA is trying to come out with the CRA is having our backs to keep the FDA regs off of our cigars. The CRA edition of the 1495 seemed to be a bit stronger than the one you  would buy at a B&M. It still had the usual medium woodsy notes and a creamy long finish. Around the end, the strengths ramped up and seemed to almost get out of hand. Regardless, it was still a pretty good smoke.


Cigar News


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