“Smoked Up” No.7

Continuing on with my cigar views and news, is “Smoked Up” No.7. You still got about two weeks to enter my Recluse Cigar Contest. I also got a review of the all new La Jugada Prieto from Moya Ruiz Cigars comming up thursday.

The weather has finally taken its toll on me and been feeling down from it. Working inside and outside all day takes a toll on your body over time. Its finally catching up with me. I’m not sick, just not fealing too sporty this week. I did get in a few cigars, so here’s a few of my cigars views and news from the week.


Cigars Views


LGCLa Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Natural: LGC cigars has always been in my smokings. From my start in cigars to present day, I have always enjoyed a LGC. The draw was a little thick and it burned well. Started out with some wood and coffee undertone flavors that I have came to expect from a LGC. A tad bit of pepper played a roll in the smoke as well once into the cigar some. Around halfway I got a creamy flavor in the smoke, almost a vanilla flavor. Past halfway it got a nice light creamy caramel flavor with some medium powered wood notes. Not a “wowing” cigar, but a solid smoke. Over all a good cigar to always have in the humidor.

RevolutionTe Amo Revolution Toro: Another “oval” shaped cigar. Though it didn’t draw too good for me. It was a bit thicker than Milkshake thick, but I managed through it. Had so-so notes of wood and pepper. I say “So-so” because I really didn’t care for it. Maybe it was the restricted draw that hurt the flavors, or just a bad blend. The flavors were good for one minute, and not so good the next. I have had the World Selection from Te Amo and liked the Nicaraguan and Cuban blends. But this new line from Te Amo is not one I will smoke again in the near future. Maybe later on in a different size, but I’m in no hurry.


1845Partagas 1845 6×60: I have found only a handful of a 60rg cigars that I really like. The Partagas 1845 is borderline of that status. It had a great draw and so-so burn. I should have dryboxed it some. Nice leather and earth notes with a hint of cocoa here and there. I have had the smaller 1845s and liked them a bit more than the 6×60. It wasn’t bad flavor wise, just the size still strikes me wrong. I still think the Partagas 1845 Corona Extra will still be my favorite size in the 1845 line.


Torano 50Torano Exodus Gold 1959 Robusto: Torano makes some good solid cigars and this one is no different. Had a great draw and burn from the excellent construction. Had medium flavors of wood and lightly roasted nuts. A slight hint of a spice here and there keeps the flavor profile slightly complex and interesting. Around half way I got a bit of a chocolate covered cherry flavor to it that was pretty good. Over all a very good, medium to full bodied cigar that won’t break the bank.


PrincipeLa Aurora Pricipes Natural: A precut, short filler cigar with no band, wrapped in a foil wrapper. The wrapper was a pain in the butt to get opened. A mild to medium mix of wood & nuts with a short kick of spice & sweet flavor. The ash held for about an inch which really suprised me seeing this was a short filler cigar. For about 65cents, this is a decent yard gar that wont matter if you drop it in the dirt or water. A good smoke for a newbie who want a decent smoke, that won’t take up alot of time.


Cigar News


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