“Smoked Up” No.73

We made it past another Friday the 13th and the rare “Strawberry Moon”. On Friday, I hung out with my friend at the tattoo gallery she was working at. I ended up getting another tattoo, but nothing major. This time it was a rabbit’s foot with a “13”. I call it my “unlucky rabbit’s foot.” I got it on my rib cage above a previous tattoo and that was an interesting type of pain. I don’t know why I keep wanting to get ink on my ribs…

Saturday me and a few buddies helped Eddie with Puro Vida with some taste testing of his upcoming Honduran puro blends. He has a Connecticut and a Corojo coming out that are pretty good smokes.


Cigar Views

Flor De Oliva Torpedo

Flor de Oliva Torpedo: This bundle cigar is one I had quite a few times in the past; usually the maduro. This cigar seemed to have a sweetened tip as I got a decent amount of sweetness on my lips that accompanied the woody and semi-spicy notes of the tobacco. The draw was a good bit on the heavy side, but no other construction issues. For the price on these cigars, they make a good yard gar or a cigar for one of your buddies who wants to hang out with a cigar. The maduros are better in my opinion and they are better with about 6months age.  


Puro Vida Honduran Corojo

Puro Vida Honduran Corojo Pre-Release: This was the other new blend from Puro Vida and is a Honduran puro. Many Honduran Puros I have came across were real musty tasting and not all too pleasurable to smoke. This one was quite the opposite. This cigar was very “busy” in the flavors and pretty complex. It still had a bit of the musty qualities, but lesser form. Nice hints of espresso and a nuttiness on the back half of the draw that lingered a while on a dry finish. The last half gave off a little more mustiness with some chocolate and an almost floral note as well. That was an interesting combo as it matched the cigars very interesting flavor profile. I believe Eddie will put in some Viso leaf per Ben Lee’s recommendation to remedy the dryness of the smoke. Overall a interesting smoke that I am looking forward to trying the final blend.


Sorry, no picture.

Puro Vida Honduran Connecticut Pre-Release: This cigar is a possible upcoming blend that I am pretty sure will not be changed from what we tasted. It was a pretty good cigar that had a great draw and dead on straight burn. First half was fairly woody, nutty and had some nice subtle amount of spice and lesser earthiness. The last half had a different type of nutty note I couldn’t pick out and a little more wood. A good mild to medium bodied smoke with a solid medium flavor strength. A bit more strength and flavor than your typical $3 bland Connecticut cigars.


Leccia Luchador El Hombre

Leccia Luchador El Hombre: I have been wanting to try this cigar ever since Sam Leccia started mentioning it here and there all over social media. It just looked like a great smoke! I finally got my hands on one and now kick myself in the rear for bot grabbing a few more. I really enjoyed this cigar! Sometimes I don’t pay attention to particular flavors, just sit back and enjoy the cigar itself. That’s what I did with this cigar and I can tell you it will be in my top 10 of the year as it is in good running to make it, if not the top 5. Great smoke!!


Cigar News

“Smoked Up” No.72

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