“Smoked Up” No.79

The past week has been one of the most challenging ones I have had in a long time. With my good friend still in a medically induced coma over in New Orleans, she has be on my mind a great bit.  As well as me juggling four major projects at work at one time; this week has been rough on me. I got to see my friend shortly on Thursday and a good bit longer on Saturday. They are only allowing “immediate family” to see her. But her parents consider me family as I was once to be their son-in-law. Friday, they started to reduce her sedatives & on Saturday she started waking up very slightly for a few seconds at a time; but still “out of it.” I got to see her beautiful eyes a few times. The nurses say she may or may not know who I am right now, but she knows I’m there due to the way her vitals change when she looks at me. That right there made the trip all worth while & her outlook was getting a lot brighter! They are hoping by the end of this week or first of next, she will be completely out of the medical coma and more alert. I will be making another trip to see her this weekend as well as many more in the future.

Thanks to everybody who kept her in your thoughts and prayers last week. It means a lot to her, her family and I.

When I was in New Orleans to see my friend, I stopped off at Crescent City Cigar’s newest location in Metairie, LA. I was needing a cigar to calm my nerves. To say this shop is small is an understatement. But the boutique cigar selection is extremely hard to beat! My good buddy Joe made the trip with me to keep me company and we enjoyed a Elogio Habano Exclusivo Crescent City Cigar while there. This is a great smoke if you like Elogio! I grabbed a few handfuls of newer boutique cigars and will try and get a few reviews on them soon.


Cigar Views



Crux Nifamaniac Dark: I have always wanted a Nifamaniac and I happen to pick one up while in New Orleans (get your mind out of the gutter!!). This perfecto/lancero is just a cool looking cigar with a nice wrapper aroma to it. It reminded me of the Javelin from La Caridad del Cobre in its shape. The cigar had a nice slightly thick draw and I needed to keep a lighter handy as it went out a few times on me (my fault). Had nice dark chocolate, slight black pepper and a slight creaminess on the finish. Overall, for about $7, I will be getting a few more of these as I really enjoyed it.   


Padron Lancero

Padron Lancero: When it comes to Padron, I usually enjoy a #3000, londres or a 1926 Maduro in a No9 or No6 size. My buddy handed me a lancero a few weeks ago as he knows I love the size. I had seen them in catalogs, but never in person so this was going to be a treat. It was not as much of a treat as I had expected. It was a little too peppery and too thick of a draw for my likings. It wasn’t a bad smoke, but I will keep to my usual sizes when I go to grab a Padron.


Kristoff Galerones Intensivo Torpedo

Kristoff Galerones Intensivo Torpedo: I had a buddy say “Get you a cigar out of the humidor, its on me!” Well, I am not the one to take many gifts, but that night, was one of the few times I did. I had been eyeing up this cigar for sometime, but the $14 price tage kept me away. I was actually impressed with it and really enjoy it. It had a great draw with tight dark ashes. Nice peppered charred meat flavors with an ample amount of smoothness to keep the pepper to a manageable amount. Not a overly complex cigar, but very full bodied and flavor strength. Definitely one I will smoke again, even with a $14 price sticker on it.


Elogio Habano Exclusivo Crescent City Cigar

Elogio Habano Exclusivo Crescent City Cigar Edition: I reviewed the 2013 version of this cigar and was quite impressed with it. It was a little more bolder than the regular Habano line. This was te new batch from 2014 and seemed to have a tad bit more spice and pepperiness to it. It was about the most I would like to taste (personally), but not overpowering. A good smoke that I need to stock up on a few soon.


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