“Smoked Up” No.80

From the amount of cigars I smoked the past week, I would say things are looking up. I added two cigars to my trip itinerary of seeing my friend at Oschner’s in New Orleans. It so happen to be a La Palina cigar both ways and made the solo trip a lot more manageable for me. My friend is getting better day by day in small steps. She is fully out of her medical coma and awake more and more. She has two thirds less the IVs going into her and out of the neurological intensive care unit; but in another ICU now. She is making more eye contact and looked to want to talk to me, but she is still pretty drained and I told her to save her strength and “Stay strong Nell.”

Thanks to everybody who has kept her in your thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. It means a lot to her, her family and I.



Cigar Views


 Black Label Salvation

Black Label Trading Co Salavation: A pretty tasty smoke that had a healthy amount of spice, dark charred wood through out the cigar. Had an excellent draw and burn with long tight ashes. For about $9 and change, this is a smoke I would recommend. Looking forward to trying a few other Black Label cigars in the near future as this one did not disappoint at all.   




Curivari El Gran Rey Emperadores: Curivari is a lesser known boutique cigar company. I would have never heard of them unless it wasn’t for Armando at Crescent City Cigars in “The Big Easy”. I like all of their blends, but the El Gran Rey is my personal favorite, hands down. This cigar is pretty “cubanesc” that has great smooth wood, nut and creamy notes that I absolutely love. There was even a slight hint of a honey note that really kept me into the smoke. $1e for a robusto is a little steep, but for this cigar, it is definitely worth every penny. I would consider this cigar as box worthy!


 Viaje Satori Zen 2010

Viaje Satori Zen (original 2010 release): This cigar was a gift to me from a good friend who knows how much I love this cigar. Pulled from his private stash, this cigar has right about 4yrs age and has aged very nicely. It has rounded and smoothened off a nice amount and really married the flavors nicely. All of the stress of the week were lessened with this awesome smoke as it was much appreciated.


 John Stark Dominican Legend Maduro

John Stark Dominican Legend Robusto: From the famed John Starks basketball player comes the Dominican Legend line. Had a cracked but dark wrapper that was far from being a beauty queen. The flavor was fairly ho-hum. Nothing that wowed me in any means. Had a muted cocoa flavor with hints of a black pepper but nothing too refined. The draw was pretty good; slightly lesser than milkshake thick. For about $8, I have had a lot better. The $8 price tag is about $2 too high if you ask me as I was not impressed with it very much; but it may appeal to some.



Kafie Maduro Robusto: This is a new to me cigar from the Kafie family. Made in Honduras, this cigar looks to be a fuller bodied cigar. In fact is the exact opposite as its a medium bodied smoke. It had an interesting woody notes that had a twang to it. Accompanying the wood is a bit of cedary note and hints of a chalky cocoa. I paired it with a Sumatran coffee which added a bit of a sweetness to the smoke. I am on the fence on whether I would try this again. I would, but not anytime soon.


 La Palina KB

La Palina El Diario KB: I haven’t had a La Palina in quite a while and quite frankly, I don’t know why! This was a fantastic smoke! I wish it was a little longer (the KB2), but it was a gift and much appreciated. The KB made my trip to New Orleans a lot easier as I had no construction issues. Made good use of my Xikar Ash Can on the trip as it was money well spent.


 La Palina Maduro 40

La Palina Maduro 40: This was my first ever maduro La Palina and I was kind of a disappointment. It was pretty soft to the feel and I had draw issues and had to relight it quite a few times. I did enjoy the flavors in the cigar, but it would have been a lot better had there been no construction issues. Even with the construction issues, I will try it again as the flavors were pretty nice. I didn’t pay much attention to any key flavors as I was just (trying) to enjoy the cigar on my trip home from New Orleans.



Room 101 Big Payback Chavala: Another new cigar for me and for the $5.50 price tag, I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Considering the 7×70 is about $7, I was figuring this to be pretty bland or mild. This was not the case, it has a nice medium body and a tad bit stronger flavor strength. Had a nice black pepper that was offset by a lesser strengthened sweetness. Towards the end, the strength picked up somewhat & a woody note came into play as well. For $5 and change, its a pretty good smoke.


 J Fuego Connoisseur Original

J Fuego Connoisseur “Original”: First of all, I am glad to see J Fuego produce the “Original” size in a single form. No need to buy the 5pk soft pack of them. I fell in love with the size in 2010 when I was handed an Origen Original at the IPCPR show. I like the Connoisseur blend, but not as much as the Origen. The Connoisseur had a semi-spicy cedary note with some leather & cocoa flavor also. Some interesting floral and or herbal notes that I liked periodically showed up in the flavor profile. I would like to try this blend in a larger size. Will be looking forward to it for sure.


 SPunch London Club MaduroAMSUNG

Punch London Club Maduro: This is one of my go-to inexpensive cigars. You can get a bot for about $50, so for about $2, its a deal. Its perfect for walking the dog, working in the yard or cutting the grass. I paired this with a Rogue Hazlenut Brown Nectar Ale beer. The pairing didn’t go as well as planned, as the beer flavors overpowered most of the cigar’s. Separately, they were good, but they didn’t jive well together.


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