“Smoked Up” No.84

Summer is finally winding to an end. The days are not as hot and the nights are a tad bit cooler. I can’t wait till the nights when I can sleep with the windows open and enjoy the cooler evenings. Although the summer is ending, the humidity isn’t. With that being said, even though the nights are not as hot, the humidity doesn’t help with my evening cigar enjoyment.

I would have enjoyed a few more cigars this week, but a self-induced injury occurred to me the first part of the week. I was out mowing the yard and saw a wasp fly into a cedar bush. I really hate wasps as they are pretty mean and I don’t want my daughter getting stung by them as she loves to play outside. I grabbed my wasp killing spray and gave the bush a nudge with my foot where the wasp went in. Little did I know, I wasn’t only nudging the bush, I was nudging a wasp nest the size of a softball! The nest had about a dozen or so wasps on it and at least four or five lit my ankle and lower leg up. I ran out of spray quick, then headed to the store to get more and came back and reeked havoc on the nest with two cans a blazing. After it was all said and done, I counted 15 dead wasps on the ground. So I was lucky to only get stung by four or five! My ankle and calve swelled up and made it hard for me to walk. Missed some time from work because Benadryl makes me sleepy. The sleep also stopped my cigar enjoyment this week as well as getting this installment of “Smoked Up” until today.


Cigar Views


CAO FLathead Camshaft 554

CAO Flathead Camshaft: This cigar has been resting for about a year (or possibly more). I like the box press toro size of it a it made a good “road trip cigar.” The ash held tight via the square press and 54ring gauge and never jounced loose even with the rough suspension of my 4×4 truck. Started out fairly stout with dark earth, leather and cocoa. But around half way, I started loosing it for the cigar. It started to fuzzle out and lost some of it flavor strength. To the point at which it was almost bland to me. I really enjoyed this cigar when it was fresh, but aged it seemed to have lost its lackluster.   


La Aurora 1495 Robusto

La Aurora 1495 Robusto: Again, this is my go-to morning cigar and was my morning co-pilot on the morning trip to see my friend in Hattiesburg, MS. Paired nicely with New Orleans style chicory coffee and had a pretty good construction. Nothing jaw dropping about this cigar, but a flavorful one that was a steal for $2.25. Next time I see these go on sale, I will definitely get more than 10 as I have gone through these fairly quickly.


Nomad Connecticut Toro

Nomad Connecticut Toro: This was my first Nomad Connecticut and it did not disappoint me. Not one of the strongest Connecticut cigars I have had, but had a nice flavor profile to it. Light creamy coffee notes with hints of nuts and a light black pepper as well. Paired nicely with an ice cold Monster Energy Kona blend. The draw was a tad thicker than I am used to, but was nothing to gripe about. The burn was as straight as it needed to be and produced fairly long tight ringed ashes. Not my favorite Connecticut smoke, but a good one none the less.


LGC Esteli Toro

La Gloria Cubana Esteli (Black): I have always liked the La Gloria line of cigars and the “new” Esteli or LA Gloria Black as I like to call it is the cream of the crop. With a few months rest on this cigar, the flavors have mellowed and married somewhat. Had semi-smooth notes of black pepper, some caramel and a slight earthiness. The draw was good, but the burn was a bit off as I may have dry-boxed it just a bit too long. I didn’t care too much for the flakey ashes as the flakes kept dropping all over my lap and laptop. Over all a pretty good smoke, only issues I had was the larger ring gauge of it and the flakey ashes.


La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Maduro #6

La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Maduro #6 Torpedo: I have never had one of these cigars and was suggested to try it from my friend Roger at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS. He knows I like a pretty strong smoke, we have pretty much the same tastes in cigars and he likes it as well. This is one of the nicest LFDs I have had in quite a while. I know there are better LFDs that I haven’t tried, but it was a pretty good smoke to sit back and enjoy with the fellas while enjoying some Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon.


Cigar News

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