“Smoked Up” No.85

You ever get in one of those “funks” where you don’t want to do too much of anything? Well, that has been my case for the last week or so. I got several projects that I want and need to get done… But just haven’t had the gumption to get them done. I haven’t enjoyed many cigars over the last two weeks (hence why there was no “Smoked Up” last week). The weather has been a possible cause as every afternoon a summer thunderstorm either rolls through or threatens to, in which causing the humidity to sky-rocket and not good cigar enjoying weather. None the less, I am back at it hoping to get a lot done over the next few weeks.

My friend whom had the medical issues, has been doing quite well over the last few weeks. When I came to see her this past weekend she surprised me with her showing off to me how she can walk now without assistance. She is talking a lot more and gathering her memory more and more each time I go to see her. She is still on a feeding tube with a trach in, but they will be out in a few days. They are saying she will be out of the home in a few weeks, which everybody is looking forward to.

Oh, and my ankle healed up quite well after I unintentionally kicked the wasp nest. I got my revenge on them with wasp spray killing those mean things that I didn’t need stinging my daughter. I also took a map gas torch to the nest I knocked down. #crispy


Cigar Views


JdN Red

Joya de Nicaragua Red: Joya de Nicaragua was once known for their powerhouse cigars. They have been out powered by quite a few new companies in the strength department. But, not too many can match flavor and power like JdN can. The newest line is called “Red” and it is not a powerhouse when it comes to body as compared to the Antona. This cigar had nice flavors of a cocoa with interesting herbal and floral notes as well. A hint of a black pepper appeared on the finish, but was short lived. Towards the latter part of the cigar, I noticed a bit of a citrus zest in the smoke that made this cigar just a bit more interesting. All from a great draw, even burn and overall good construction. I would consider this a strong medium bodies cigar.   


Crowned Heads Las Calaveras

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras: This cigar was released prior to the IPCPR convention in Las Vegas and seemed to fade off the radar of most with the onslaught of newer cigars coming out of the trade show. This is one of my favorite Crowned Heads cigars to date and a nice companion to their “lighter” flavors in Four Kicks as the Las Calaveras is more of a meat and potatoes hearty flavored cigars. Not my absolute favorite Crowned Heads, but its pretty darn close. I haven’t had the Jericho Hill yet and I am looking forward to it as I have heard all but good things about it.


Ashton VSG Pegasus

Ashton VSG Pegasus: These don’t come out too often which is odd to me seeing that its jus a robusto VSG… Anyways, I won these two years ago out of our local fantasy football league. I ended up with a 5pk, smoked one or two and forgot about them in the humidor. I found this one this weekend when I was digging deep into the depths of my humidor for a cigar to ride with me on my trip to see my friend. I was looking for something I haven’t had in a while and this hit the spot! Nice notes of cocoa, charred oak, salted caramel and a bit of a peppery spice on the finish. Great draw and burn that didn’t drop any ashes on my lap while driving. All and all a  great smoke that’s aged well.


 Padilla La Terraza Maduro

Padilla La Terraza Maduro: This was another cigar I came across in the humidor for my weekly “man meeting” cigar. I had gotten these off of CI on sale shortly after they were released. At the time, they were one of my go-to under $5 cigars. I think they have increased in price slightly over the last few years, but most likely still a bargin. Had nice and slightly smooth semi-sweet cocoa notes with hints of caramel & a slight spice. Had a somewhat tight draw, but a good burn. With a few years age, this cigar has aged well, but not sure how strong the flavors will be with any more age on them. I have a few left, so I may find out.


Kristoff Galerones Intensivo: I like a most of the Kristoff cigars. I was first turned on to them when I was in love with the Sumatra wrapper, which I still like a good bit today. The Intensivo is one of their newer cigars and hasn’t disappointed me yet. Great full flavor and bodied cigar that I enjoyed while watching a Sunday afternoon football game. Didn’t pay much attention to particular flavors, but I do know I enjoyed this smoke. The only drawback is the cost. At about $14 and change, this cigar is not something I could afford to smoke on a daily basis; but would like to!



Cigar News



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