“Smoked Up” No.87

Last week was the busiest weeks that I have had in my “new” job title over the last year and a half at Lowe’s. I hated to do it, but I got started setting the Christmas items three or so weeks ago and got a good head start over the other stores in the area. My crew and others really puhed through an got it done fairly quick. In fact, we were about a week or more ahead of many of the other stores. Well, the store in Metairie, LA (just outside of New Orleans) is one of the top 20 volume stores for Christmas items in the company. There were some issues there and they needed help getting set up bad. The district supervisor asked for me & one of crew to go over and help them last week. At first I was leery, but with all expenses paid plus unlimited overtime, I jumped at the chance. It was long 11-12hour days. We worked hard, ate good, just didn’t sleep as good. I wanted to hit up a few B&Ms in the area, but most were closed or closing by the time I got done eating and such after work. I did swing by Crescent City Cigars on the way home and grabbed a few new sticks to try. I was trying to get a review in at the hotel, but with a bull-jiving no smoking policy and sketchy wi-fi it was not going to happen. After it was all said and done, I got about 15 hours OT, so this next check will be quite fat!

On an even better note, my friend has made it home from the hospital then physical rehab home! Its been a long three months for her, but she is “back to normal”. She will never be 100% due to her coma and near death experience. I joked around with her saying it was good to have her back, the every Saturday drives and gas cost was started to hurt. There are friends that we all have that we would walk through hot coals to the end of the earth for, and she is one of them. Again, I would like to personally thank everyone who kept her and her family in your thoughts and prayers over the last few months.

Cigar Views

Davidoff Special T

Davidoff Special T: In the spring I would start my Sunday with a Davidoff cigar and a cup of coffee out on my shaded back patio. That occasion was demolished by the Summer heat and humidity. The once cool spring mornings turned into hot and humid mornings. The days are getting cooler and with me having some errands to run on Sunday morning, I decided to end my Saturday with a Special T and some Cafe Bustelo. There were notes of a sweet and creamy woody note that had a light amount of white pepper as well. Over all a nice smoke that was almost too light for the coffee pairing, but I made due with what I had and enjoyed it a good bit.  


Fuente Anejo 46

Aurturo Fuente Anejo  No.46 (2011): Next to the “Shark” this is my favorite Anejo size. I think that if Fuente ever stops making the Anejo, I may loose my marbles! This cigar ages so well and seems to get better as the years a up on it. Don’t get me wrong, they are good fresh, but even better after three or so years. This cigar accompanied me on my Saturday road trip and made the trip much more enjoyable. Had great construction with excellent flavors of a black cherry, dark woodsy notes among others. Worth the money?? You bet your bottom dollar they are!


Camacho Criollo Tubo 1

Camacho Criollo Robusto Tubo: This cigar was my weekly reviewed cigar. The weather has gotten a good bit cooler which allowed me to review this cigar more in-depth than I do with other cigars featured in “Smoked Up”. Now that my friend is home from the health and physical rehab home, I now can try to get more reviews in; on during the week an one during the weekend. To check out this in-depth review click here.


AKA Hybrid Corona

AKA Hybrid Corona: I have had a few AKA cigars and I either liked them, or didn’t. I have never been wowed by them, but they were a decent smoke. Never have I had one that was so-so until this one. It had hints of a semi-spicy wood note that turned into a twangy wood note that I really didn’t care for. Also there was a herbal like spice tone that appeared around half way that kept me occupied with the cigar. Had flaky ashes and a so-so burn line. Not a great smoke, nor a dog turd; just a so-so smoke.


 Recluse Draconian

Recluse Draconian: This is a very good smoke that I was gifted from a fellow BOTL while watching Sunday football. Still had the crushed red pepper and cocoa/chocolate flavors that I remember from when I reviewed it a while back. A slightly thick draw and a burn that needed some touch-ups due to the odd shape. I am not too sure if the shape helped the blend, but it did hurt the construction somewhat.



Crux Classic Robusto

Crux Classic Robusto: Crux Cigars has already a huge hit with me in their Nimfamaniac Dark cigar. When I was out of town for work I had just enough time to swing by Crescent City Cigars in Metairie, LA and grab a few smokes. That shop is quaint but has a great selection of boutique cigars. I was greeted with a nice line up of Crux Cigars and Armando told me the Classic line is his favorite, so I grabbed a few. The robusto was quite good! It has an upper medium body to it with great construction and really nice flavors. I got some light floral notes, even lighter black pepper accompanied by a hint of caramel amongst other flavors in this complex, yet smooth cigar.


 Elogio LSV Lancero

Elogio LSV Lancero: Its been quite a while since I have had, yet seen one of these cigars. I am a huge fan of smaller ring gauged cigars, more so lanceros. This cigar had a thicker draw like many lanceros do, but produced tight  somewhat long ashes considering the small ring gauge. Subtle, but smooth flavors of earth, leather, with hints of cocoa here and there. The retrohale had a bit of spice to it which I enjoyed a good bit. A pretty good smoke that I enjoyed on a cool, yet humid fall evening. I liked the cigar, but prefer this blend in a larger ring gauge though.


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