“Smoked Up” No.88

The weather here has finally gotten decent enough to be outside for longer than an hour or so. That being said, I am outside more with my daughter playing in her sandbox, pushing in her swing or riding her bike. I don’t smoke around her, so although the weather was great, I didn’t get too many cigars in this week. I do have a review that will be up on Friday, so be on the look out for it then.


Cigar Views

Crux Classic Belicoso

Crux Classic Belicoso: I went back to Crescent City Cigars hoping to grab a few robustos of this blend, but they were sold out. I grabbed the larger belicoso in hope to enjoy it one cool evening. It was pretty much just like the robusto as far as flavors go. But a few of the flavors seemed to be a little more muted than compared to the robusto. Either way, they are very good smokes.  


Crux Passport Corona

Crux Passport Marblehead(Corona): Continuing with more of the Crux line of cigars, this week I tried out the Passport. It was not as good as the Classic and no where near the Nimfamaniac Dark. But it was still a pretty decent smoke. The draw was a little tight, but other than that I had no construction issues with the cigar. Had woody notes with faint hints of a sweetness and a quick hit at the end of the draw of a straw note that was more announced in the room note. Not a bad smoke, but I think the thicker draw held it back some.


Curivari Buenaventura Toro

Curivari Buenaventura Toro: Curivari is one of my favorite boutique cigar companies. The majority of their cigars are mainly in the $9 to $10 range. The Buenaventura is their “economical” line of cigars that has a price tag of about $6-7. I tried this cigar about a year ago and wasn’t all too impressed with. I said I would give it another try before I gave it up and this time the experience was a better one than before. I got notes of cocoa, leather, cedar and charred oak. For $6 and change, this is a good smoke. I am not fully in love with the cigar, but I do like it more now than before.


Cigar News

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