“Smoked Up” No.90

Looks like the hot weather in 2014 is a thing of the past. The temps have been dropping into the low 40s at night and peaking at around 70s during the day. I love this type of weather, but don’t like the cool nights. I started work on my “smoke shack” with my heater, tv, laptop area etc…. I do this once a year to combat the cold due to I have to smoke outside. One day I’ll have a smoking room!


Cigar Views

 Ezra Zion Tantrum PA

Ezra Zion Tantrum PA: I really enjoyed the first release of the Tantrum, but the size had me wanting more than it could offer. Then, the PA Limited Edition was released in a larger (longer) size and I was thrilled to see a sample of if on my doorstep. This cigar was one of the best cigars I have had all year. I won’t go into too many flavor details as I am going to do a full on review of it next week. But this is one cigar I suggest to search out over many other LE cigars this year.  


 Fuente Curlyhead

Arturo Fuente Curly Head Delux:  It has been atleast 5 years since I have had one of these cigars. Rumor has it, the “Delux” Curly Heads like this one have Opus X cuttings in them. I can not say wether its true or not, but owell. This cigar was very spuratic with the flavors. One minute there was some nice sweetness that reminde me of the Rosado Fuente, the next there was notes that reminded me of the Hemmingway line and the next there was some hints of spice. This cigar is like the buffet of Fuente cigars seeing its a mixed filler cigar. The draw was pretty good and the ashes held a lot longer than I had thought they would. For three dollars and change, you get what you pay for; just a basic cigar.


 Drew Estate Undercrow Dogma

Drew Estate Undercrown Dogma: This cigar is a what happens when a major cigar company pairs up with a popular social media cigar site & phone app. The Dogma is an unique size with a rounded box press that is different from the typical parejo shape of Undercrown Cigars. Like most box pressed cigars I did have burn issues, a few were off enough for me to give them a touch up. Draw was fairly thick, but still in good order. The flavors were a bit different than your typical Undercrown. The back bone flavors were earthy, cocoa & hints of leather. This cigar (as well as the other Undercrowns) pairs well with a medium to dark roasted coffee. A good smoke worth having a 5er on hand, if you can find them still.


 Room 101 Big Payback

Room 101 Big Payback 550: I have had a hand full of these cigars and for the money, they are one of my favorites right now. You have seen before me ranting over these cigars on how good they are, but this one left me a bit disappointed. There was burn issues throughout, the flavors got off kelter at times etc… I still enjoyed the cigar, but not as much as I usually do. Still had the woodsy and black pepper notes, but just not as smooth as I remember them being from previous experiences with the cigar. With this being said, I am not going to stop buying them. It goes to show you that cigars are hand made and everybody (even cigar rollers) has an off day or moment every now & again.


Ezra Zion FHK

Ezra Zion FHK: A new to me cigar that I ha seen here & there on social media that was on my list of cigars to find. Had nice medium to full flavors of a smoothis black pepper, hints of herbal notes and a creamy-like light woody note. All from a great cool draw and long ashes. I enjoyed this cigar a pretty good bit; the size, the construction & the flavors all make for another good smoke from the guys at Ezra Zion.


 Cohiba N54

Cohiba Nicaraguan N54: I reviewed this cigar a few weeks ago with marginal results. The cigar wasn’t a dud, just had some issues that I think a bit of rest in the humidor would allow it to shine more. I gave one another shot and it was a tad bit better this go around. It had the same flavors as before, just a little more smoother than I remember and fewer construction issues. I have a few more I am going to sit deep off into the humidor and forget about for a bit of time. I think a good amount of time is needed for this cigar to shine.


Cigar News

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