“Smoked Up” No.91

It has been a few weeks since the last “Smoked Up” was out. Since then I have been pretty busy at work and home with not a whole lot of free time to spare. Work has been busy with us getting things ready for Black Friday and the holiday selling season that’s upon us. At home, I have been getting the house decorated, cleaned etc.. for the holidays. Most of my free time has gone into putting up my thousands of Christmas lights. My daughter loves them and it keeps me out of trouble doing them. I have about 5,500 up right now, with plans and materials to put up over 1,000 more! My house looks like Christmas has thrown up on it!


I won’t be putting in the weekly news this time due to the lapse in issues of “Smoked Up.” Most of the recent cigar news can be found on the sites listed on the right listed under the “Friends of NiceTightAsh” column. I won’t put up all of the cigars I smoked during the last few weeks; just the ones I jotted notes of on.



Davidoff Melenium

Davioff Melenium Blend: This cigar is in my top 5 (or so) Davidoff cigars. It had great flavors that were a bit more than the core line of Davidoffs. It was not as mild, but more of a solid medium bodied cigar with some dark wood notes that paired well with a few fingers of some Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. Worth the price? Possibly so on a special occasion.


Ave Maria Crusader

Ave Maria Crusader (Robusto): I had one of these a while back and couldn’t remember how it was, so I figured why not give it another go. It wasn’t no award winner, but a solid medium bodied smoke. Had somewhat smooth woody notes with a nice creaminess that appeared here and there. This would be a good morning smoke accompanied by a cup of light to medium roast coffee.    


CAO Columbia Robusto

CAO Columbia Robusto: Toasting this new cigar up, I noticed a strong aroma of burnt pine straw. The flavors were pretty similar, just lesser strength. A ways into the cigar, there was a nice amount of spice that was held to a manageble amount by an accompanied cocoa note. The draw was a tad bit thicker than perfect for me with nice long ashes from a great burn. This cigar is not something I would smoke on the regular, but one i won’t forget about.


 My Father Connecticut Corona Gorda

My Father Connecticut Corona Gorda: My Father is known for their medium to full bodied cigars. When they came out the Conneticut Edition I was quite intrigued with it. There have been quite a few companies coming out with a Connecticut cigar; some have been a hit, some not. The My Father was fairly flavorful, with notes of cedar, white pepper and a bit of creaminess. Although I enjoy many My Father cigars, this one was not for me. It didn’t do too much for me as I was expecting more flavor and a bit more strength as well. For the $7-9 range, there are better Conneticut cigars if you ask me.


My Father La Antiguedad Robusto

My Father La Antiguedad Robusto: I have seen quite a bit of fuss about this cigar and was somewhat thrilled to see it when I visited a somewhat local cigar/beer/liquor store to see it in there. They had recently doubled the size of their store and that involved doubling the size of their humidor (and beer) selection. Included with the expansion was a nice selection of My Father cigars. This cigar was so high on my “want to smoke soon” list that I couldn’t wait to get home to try it that I toasted it up on the way home. I was quite disappointed…. in the fact that I didn’t get more than one of these great cigars! Had great construction with awesome flavors of coffee, leather, earth & cocoa that I really liked. One of the best cigars I have had in a while.


 Dunhill 1907

Dunhill 1907 Robusto: The newest from Dunhill is the 1907. I haven’t had many Dunhill cigars, but this one is quite nice. I liked the smooth charred oak notes as well as a hints of light white pepper and cocoa on the finish. I enjoyed the smooth rounded medium strenghte flavors that was a nice change of pace from my usual fuller bodied and flavor strengthed cigars. Had great construction with nice long ashes, even burn and a nice draw.


 2012 Anejo Torpedo

Aurturo Fuente Anejo Torpedo (2012): I made the mistake a few weeks ago by enjoying one of my aged Anejos and ever since, I have had a hankering for another one. I gave in to my hankering and pulled out a torpedo from 2012 and it really hit the spot. Loved this cigar with the dark cocoa and chocolate flavors that are way more smoother and rounder than when I have had them fresh. Anejos are hitting the shelves now, its a good time to grab a hand full to age and a few to smoke now. Either way they are a great smoke.


 Eiroa 660

Eiroa 6×60: I am not a fan of many 6×60 cigars and this is one of those borderline cigars for me. The cigar had a decent draw and long ashes. Fairly nice notes of straw/hay with hints of leather and earth notes throughout the cigar. I prefer the smaller maduro Eiroa by far, but this cigar was not too bad. I was enjoying a Terrapin Wake-N-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout beer that was pretty heavy and overpowered the flavors of the smoke. Not a ba smoke, just not my cup of tea as far as size wise and some of the flavors.



Nub Cafe Cappucino 438: The only flavored/infused cigars I will try are coffee and or chocolate ones. The new NUB Cafe line caught my eye a few times at my local shop and the owner wanted me to try one and give him my thoughts on it so he can relay the info to his customers. It smelled just like waffle syrup and the sweetened cap was just as sweet. The smoke had a heavy feel to it and the finish on it stuck to back of my upper front teeth and was not as sweet as the prelight draw. The draw was a tad bit thick, but I dealt with it. The flavor was like a sweetened condensed milk coffee mix. I have had maybe three Cappucinos my whole life and the flavors of this cigar are a faint reminder of them. Not my cup of tea, I am more of a dark roast or espresso coffee drinker. I will look into the Cafe Espresso cigars next time I have a hankering for a coffee cigar.

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