“Smoked Up” No.93

2015 has started out with the utmost of crappiness. Tuesday morning I was heading into work and was greeted with a broken window and one of my pistols was stolen from the truck. I was cold, tired and now severely aggravated. I usually conceal my pistol in the truck when I leave it for the day, but failed to do so Monday afternoon. I had to wait (in the cold) for the police as I called during the middle of their shift change. After everything was reported and such I found out they hit a few other vehicles in the area. So I got a unexpected day off from work to get a new window put in. While waiting for the glass company, I did get to enjoy a Ortega No8 Natural with a cup of coffee. Then ended the day with a well aged Viaje Oro Edicion Limitada DT. So the day wasn’t such a loss.

Let’s hope the rest of the year gets better!

Ortega No8 Natural


Cigar Views


Perdomo Gran Cru SG

Perdomo Grand Cru Sungrown: I don’t smoke too many Perdomo cigars. The ones I do like are their stronger blends and my favorite is the 20th Anniversary Sungrown. I haven’t had too many of the Gran Cru, but it reminds me somewhat of the 20th. I liked the little bit of spiciness and oak of the blend, but in a smooth package. Not as strong as the 20th, but almost as good.



La Arom De Cuba EE: I didn’t smoke enough of these in 2014 as its one of, if not my favorite LADC. I liked the nice amount of spice that complimented the creaminess of the smoke. There was a hint of a light wood note that added some complexity to the smoke. I enjoyed this cigar with a cup of French Roast coffee and made for an excellent pairing.


Padron Churchill Maduro

Padron Churchill Maduro: I was hunting a small 1926 Maduro at a local shop, but the only one they had in stock was larger than I like and the price tag was larger than my buget allowed. I usually smoke the londres, 3000 & 4000 maduro, but figured why not try this churchill. Its not really a churchill in my eyes with it being a 46rg. More like a long lonsdale, but none-the-less a good solid smoke. Not much complexityy or wow factor, just solid chocolate, cocoa & a hint of a sweet cream in the smoke. I paired this with a Monster Energy “Juice Ripper” which wasn’t a great choice at 11pm, but it did bring out some of the sweetness in the smoke.


Ashton VSG Pegasus

Ashton VSG Pegasus: Not found readily is one of my favorite Ashton products, the VSG Pegasus (robusto). This cigar is about two years old and was a great smoke with a cup of Sumatra coffee. I liked the rich earthy, leathery and cocoa flavors that came from a great draw. A ways into the cigar, I got a pinch of black pepper kick with a hint of a sweetness that paired nicely with the Sumatran coffee’s hints of sweetness. One of those cigars that I try to get a few when they are available. A little pricey for a robusto, but such a great smoke.


Viaje Oro EL DT

Viaje Oro Edicion Limitada Perfecto DT: This cigar is about four years old and like most Viaje Limited Editions, they need age to be in their prime. This cigar was an amazing smoke! It had a great draw, wonderful flavors and made a very crappy day end a lot better. There were rich notes of leather, sweet spices, leather and a interesting malty note that was on the back end of the smoke. I like many perfecto shaped cigars as I like how they change with the ring gauge changes. This one was no exception as its aged well and was a treat to pull from the depths of my humidor.


Cigar News

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