“Smoked Up” No.94

Still going off of last year’s cigar plan, I am trying to smoke more newer cigars. This past week was full of new (to me) cigar; I had a total of seven new cigars. Some where hits and a few were a miss. I don’t usually like to buy my cigars online and like support the locals. But with only a hand full of local shops, their selection of some of the newer cigars is limited. I will be placing a few orders for some newer cigars in the upcoming weeks for personal pleasure and for reviews. I have a handful of reviews lined up as well, so I will be getting back into the swing of a new review each week.


Cigar Views


DE Nica Rustica

Drew Estate Nica Rustica: This cigar, from the looks of a few Cigar Safari Videos, was just a fun side project of the guys at Drew Estate that was never thought to go full production on. The production of this cigar is in swing, but not too sure of a full swing or just a check swing. They can be found, but at times last year, they were quite scarce in some areas. This cigar is a “meat and potatoes” type of cigar for me. One that’s enjoyed after a good hearty meal with a glass of whiskey or bourbon. My choice was Bulleit Bourbon and paired pretty well. I like the looks of a pig tailed closed foot cigar, but they can be tricky. The closed foot does pose a problem at times when toasting it up. A good torch flame is almost a must. And then you still aren’t guaranteed an even toasting. Over all a great smoke for seven dollars and change that I didn’t smoke enough of in 2014.


JdN Cabinetta

Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta No27 (Double Corona): I smoked a good many of these cigars when they came out a few years ago and did a review on one. I mainly smoked the smaler ring gauged ones, but this one ended up in my hands via a deal a local shop had on Drew Estate Cigars; buy three get one free. I toasted this one up with a Cedar Spill as I didn’t want to char the Connecticut wrapper and start off with too harsh of flavors. The Connecticut wrapper end had lots of cedary and earthy tones in a light package. When the darker wrapper came into play, the flavors changed to a bit darker tone. Flavors of coffee, a bit of leather and some salt. The last inch or so tried to get the best of me as the strength was way stronger than before. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the cigar, but it was almost too much for me at the time. The construction was pretty good, but the draw was a tad bit tight for me and seemed to limit the smoke output. Over all a good smoke that had some of the tightest ashes I’ve seen in quite a while. and some real nice flavors that paired well with two cups of coffee.



Ezra Zion FHK Truth: The FHK is part of Ezra Zion’s Honor Series of cigars. I enjoyed the “Reagan” from the same series of cigars, but didn’t feal quite the same way about the FHK. The mix of flavors just didn’t sit well with me. They weren’t bad or off flavors, just not up to my likings. In the smoker were notes of a fairly strong wood, a slight bit of a creaminess and hints of leather and black pepper. The draw was a big buzz kill for me as if had been any tighter, I would have pitched it quick-like. But I weathered the whole cigar waiting for the moment that it would change for the better for me; it just didn’t.


RP Decade CameroonRocky Patel Decade Cameroon Robusto: I love the Decade, even with its fairly strong body. I saw Rocky came out with a Cameroon Decade and thought “Its about time!” This was almost as good as the original Decade, but in its own different category. There was a rich earthiness that I adored that was followed up by a faint sweetness that I really enjoyed. The body was not as strong as the original Decade, but the flavor strength was right there with it.


LFD 1994: I had been waiting to try this cigar for a while and finally grabbed one this past week. It started out lighter than many of the other LFDs that I usually smoke. It had nice flavors similar to many LFD cigars, but when paired with an Abita “Bourbon Street Imperial Stout” it was overpowered. The beer was 10% ABV and the bold flavors of it overpowered the flavors and ended up muddling them. But it was a pretty decent smoke that I will try again (without beer).


Latitude ZeroLatitude Zero: My local shop recently got a box of these and after some research I found this cigar was made from tobacco from the Oliva Tobacco Co. (Not the Cigar Company) and made from some high quality tobacco called “Angel’s Cut.” This cigar had flavors of earth, chocolate, a few herbal nuances and a heavier nuttiness. This cigar had a pretty good draw and no burn issues. Over all a upper medium body with a solid medium flavor strengthed cigar. I didn’t love, nor hate this cigar. It was just “ho-hum, so-so.”


Headlines 1st EdSosa Headlines 1st Edition: This cigar turned out to be a bit better than I had figured it to be. Nice subtle flavors of charred wood, nuts and a bit of a sweet creaminess on the finish. Occasionally I got a bit of a black pepper kick here and there that kept the cigar a bit more than many “typical” Dominican cigars. I enjoyed this smoke and look forward to doing a full review of it in the near future.


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“Smoked Up” No.93

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