“Smoked Up” No.95

It has been a little time since my last “Smoked Up” due to internet issues, work draining me and spending time with the family. Satori turns 4 next week and the fact of this just makes me down right old.

None the less, I have had a handful of cigars throughout the past days. I have a review that will go up on Monday of a new boutique cigar. I have also been working on a conglomerate review of some “special” cigars; I’ll just leave it at that. That set of review will be up in a week or two.
LFD Ligero ChiselLFD Chisel Natural: I wish I had a good punch to truly experience the shape of this cigar. I had one that has been on my keychain for over 5yrs and worked quite well. Well, time took its toll on the punch in my pocket and rendered it useless. O-well. I usually look for the Oscuro Chisel, but found this one in the shadows of my humidor. This cigar had a spicy leather and woody charactoristic as well as hints of a somewhat dark earthiness tone. The draw was as good as could be expected as I had to opt to a straight cut, as I had no punch & the pinching of the chisel cap did no good either. All and all, a good smoke, but still prefer the Oscuro. 

Puros Inios Siembra de OroPuros Inios Siembra de Oro: If I were a betting man, this cigar has about 4years of age on it. I got them on a internet sale then for when I go fishing, camping or cutting the grass. Basically, a short smoke that’s decent and won’t break the bank if if falls into the depths of mother nature. With age, the strength has lessened a good bit as well as the flavors. The cigar was smoother than when I first got them and had mellow notes of cream, light wood, white pepper and a very slight sweetness that appears sporatically in the smoke. I think this cigar has past its prime, but for the 75cents to a dollar I paid for it, its still “ok”.


Puros Huerfanos Connecticut BelicosoPuros Huerfanos Connecticut Belicoso: This cigar is an Orphan from Drew Estate that was snagged up by Famous Smoke Shop about four years ago or so & sold at quite a deal. I remembering ordering a few samplers of the Connecticut and Maduro versions of this cigar. Some say the maduros were miss cuts of Liga Privadas… But that is still up for discussion to this day. This cigar was very mild and mellow and went ok with a cup of morning coffee. I was looking for a mild smoke to start my day off with and this was it. Had a little bit of cream, leather and earth all in a light package. If this cigar was any older, I can see it being almost flavorless. But the flavors that were present were not too shabby.
La Palina Classic Lancero La Palina Classic Lancero: I love the lancero vitola of many cigars and for some odd reason has yet to have a La Palina in a lancero. I finally tried one last week and found it to be a pretty light smoke. There was a nice creaminess, some hints of a light black peppery spice and nice underlying coffee notes. All in a pretty mild package, this would make for a great morning smoke with a cup of coffee.
Rocky Patel Super Ligero Robusto Rocky Patel Super Ligero Robusto: When I see a cigar boasting about ligero, I usually stray away from them. They usually have more power than flavor and I am more about getting flavors than a buzz from a cigar. This cigar had a good amount of flavor and strength to it and I actually liked it. There was some charred wood notes, with some malty notes. Being such a “strong” smoke, there was a bit of creaminess that helped with the darker notes of the cigar. Overall, I don’t think this cigar is overly strong, but there is some strength to it and some nice flavors.

Felipe Gregorio Defiant ConnecticutFelipe Gregorio Defiant Connecticut: I tried the habano wrapped version of this cigar and thought it was so-so to say the best. The Connecticut was not any better in my eyes. There were times of a burnt straw flavor that quickly changed to a bitter cream note. Nethier I really cared for at all. The draw was good and burn was not bad at all. Maybe it was bad timing, maybe I just didn’t care for the cigar.


EPC 5th Anniversary E.P.Carrillo 5yr Anniversary: It seems like it was a year or so since E.P.C. started their own cigars. From the Core Line, New Wave, Dark Ritual etc… they have made a handfull of very good cigars that I have been a fan of. The 5yr Anniversay is a bit larger than I usually like to smoke, but I had no complaints with this cigar one bit. The spicy, woodsy & herbal notes of this cigar was a great way to end a Monday. I really enjoyed this cigar and was well worth the $9 and change I paid for it. This is deffinitely a 5pk or boxworthy cigar.

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