“Smoked Up” No.97

I am really enjoying the weather now that Spring has finally made it here. I still see my northern friends posting pictures of snow covered lawns… I almost felt sorry for them while I sat on my patio, enjoying a good cigar and coffee with 70* weather.

I have a review out on the upcoming Dominion Cigar Black Lotus Robusto. It should be out later this year in the states and is already out in Canada. Check it out and leave me your thoughts on the review and or cigar.

Two Guys Smoke Shop announced this week a new Firecracker of a cigar that sounds nice for a mix between a short smoke and a robusto. Two Guys Smoke Shop Exclusive Firecracker From La Flor Dominicana.

Drew Estate Announced An Updated Liga Privada Papas Fritas Packaging this week. They are getting rid of the tins and now packaging them in a 50ct box.


H.E. Norteno

Herrera Esteli Norteno Corona Extra: It is extremely hard for me to pay $9+ for a corona cigar. It has to be a great smoke that really suits my flavor needs. This is one of those cigars that really suits my needs. Nice dark, rich earthy flavors that pairs well with some B&B Brandy while hanging out with the men. 

Cubanacan Maduro Lonsdale

Cubanacan Maduro Lonsdale: I like the lonsdale size. Let me rephrase that: I love the lonsdale size. I wish more companies would produce the size as its a little lesser smoke time than a lancero, yet smokes like a corona with a bit more time. This blend was very nice, and slightly mellow. Nice flavors of coco, and chocolate with hints of leather and coffee here and there. I will be smoking more of these cigars you can count on it.


Hirochi Robaina

Hirochi Robaina Toro: I can count on one hand how many times I have spent $25+ on a “new” cigar. This cigar was one of them and I was pretty unsure of pulling the trigger on it, but was so glad I did! This was a pretty darn good cigar! I was going to save it for my birthday in June, but couldn’t wait. This was one of those cigars where you just sit back and enjoy it and not worry about certain flavors. None the less, I enjoyed the smoke with some Port. I guess I’ll have to buy another one (or three) for my birthday.


Camcaho BG Myers Stanard

Camacho BG Myers Standard Issue Robusto: When I see a “celebrity” sitting in with a cigar and this is one of them. To be honest, I liked the smoke. It wasn’t nothing jaw dropping and isn’t one of Camacho’s best showings. As far as flavor goes, it really reminded me of a Room 101 Big Payback, with a few extras. For the money, I’d rather have the Big Payback though.


Curivari Gloria de Leon

Curivari Gloria de Leon Churchill: This is one of m favorite boutique blends of all times. I usually smoke the smaller vitolas, but the shop was out of them so I settled with the last Churchill they had. I liked it, but didn’t love it like I do with the smaller sizes. Either way the blend is awesome, just don’t particularly care for the size.


Edgar Hoil OSOK

Edgar Hoil OSOK: I had been searching for this cigar at a B&M for a good while and finally came across one. This cigar was well worth the wait as it was an excellent smoke! Great coffee notes that weren’t overpowering, but smooth. Worth the money, every bit of it.


Smoking Jacket Robusto

Smoking Jacket Robusto: I have seen a few of these cigars here and there on social media, but never have seen one in person. Then my local shop posted a few pictures of them on their Instagram, it was one of the first cigars I grabbed when I walked in. This was a pretty tasty smoke within a no thrills medium bodied package. Reminded me of around the likeness of a Fuente Short Story, but with more complexidity and smoothness.


Eiora CBT Robusto

Eiora CBT Robusto: I was trying to enjoy one of my favorite cigars (right now), the Eiora CBT Prensado. But the draw was horribly thick and started giving me a headache. Luckily I was at The Cigar Shop’s 5th Anniversary Party and the CLE rep was there to make good on the bad cigar. He gave me a robusto, which I have never tried, and it didn’t impress me as much as the Prensado. They both had similar flavors, yet the robusto just wasn’t up to par with the Prensado. Both are good smokes, I just like the Prensado way more.


1502 Nicarguan Robusto

1502 Nicarguan Robusto: Let me start out and say I really like Nicraguan cigars. But, from time to time the strength and complexidity of the smoke can overpower the flavors and subtle nuances in the smoke. That is why the Davidoff Nicaraguan is one of my favorite Nicaraguan cigars. But that seat may have been overtaken by this cigar! For half the price, this cigar really impressed me. At first it was so-so, but once into it, yeh, this

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