Sometimes I Just Want an El Cheapo

There are a handful of cigars that are priced between $10 and $20 that I would love to smoke everyday and even more in the $7-10 range that I would smoke just as much. Even though most of the cigars I smoke fall into the second category it’s a third category, the $3-5 cigar, that really gets me excited. To me a great cheap cigar is hard to beat.

Take for example the Padron Palmas Maduro I’m smoking right now. I picked this cigar up a local B&M for $4.30. The cigar is burning and drawing well and to this point has been an extremely enjoyable cigar. The Palmas is full-bodied, well balanced and provides a satisfying combination of cocoa and coffee flavors with a healthy blast of spice. I could see myself smoking this cigar quite often, and at $4.30/stick I could see keeping a box or two on hand.

Over the last couple of years I’ve reviewed a number of budget friendly cigars, and I hope to keep that trend up in the coming years. To help me do that I’d like to ask for your help. Leave a comment below letting me know you favorite cigar in the $3-5 price range or a cigar in that price range that you’d like me to review. I’ll do my best to try and sample as many of your suggestions as possible. And just so I can make sure I get plenty of suggestions to pick from I’m going to offer up a 5 pack of the Padron Palmas Maduro to one randomly selected person. I’ll accept all comments posted up until 12/9/2011 @ Midnight EST and you must provide a legitimate e-mail address so I can contact you for shipping information. I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

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My favorite cheapy is the Gran Habano Vintage 2002. Nothing beats it for the $1.50-2.00 range. Beats most $8 smokes out there

What about sub-$3 – $5? Like a Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002? This has become a staple in my humidor, and with its $2 price tag it’s an easy choice for a go-to smoke. Would be interested to read your opinions on it, though.

Whoops, I just noticed Mike’s comment after I posted mine. Oh well… Great minds, right?

These are $4.40 at my B&M here in Ohio.

Nick’s Sticks (Little Havana Blend)
Maduro (black band) Very nice.
Sun Grown (red band) Excellent.
Connecticut (white band) Very mild, a nice morning smoke.

I always have some of these on hand for when I’m doing yard work.


I hesitate to call them El Cheapos, but you can buy the following (at least in smaller vitolas) for under $5: (1) EPC New Wave Connecticut, (2) La Traviata, and (3) Alec Bradley American Classic.

No need to enter me in the contest (too many cigars).

These are just ”OK”, both are about $2 or $3. Flor de Oliva and Padilla Hybrid. There good on the Golf course.

What Happening Chris…Have you tried Casa Fernandez Copacabana in Maduro and Habano under $4 per cigar….They are good too man….

Hey Chris….Try this cigar Padilla La Terraza Maduro and Habano. They are under $5 a stick…

Hey Chris….Try this cigar…Corazon by Davidoff cigar is under $4 a stick….

A cheapo cigar that I used to enjoy, have not had one in a while, is the Cu Avana Intenso. Not bad for a $3.00 smoke. If any others come to mind later I’ll let you know.

I can think of three great smokes that hover around 5 dollars per stick that I would smoke anytime.
Arturo Fuente chateau sun grown, Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles, and Alec Bradley American Classic Robusto or Corona. Honorable mention for the Hoyo De Tradicion Corona. Any of these are a real treat for the money!

I would say the ones of late I’ve smoking are the new cigars from C&C Cigars (Cusano/Chiusano) their Corojo ( Ecuadorian Habano wapper wit filler and binder from the DR) and LRMD (a Dominican republic Puro) in Toro from my local B&M.
Both in the four buck range. There construction great triple capped with good flavors.
And of course there Brick House from nicaraguan puro.

Brickhouse, Perdomo Lot 23, Oliva G, Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra are all well made, consistent cigars with some depth that also won’t break the bank.

I like some of the brands others have suggeste. One I’ll suggest is the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. It’s a pretty good smoke for about 3 bucks.

I recently picked up el credito’s el perrito its a hand rolled stick so it looks a little rough but it has great flavor. Good smoke for a buck fifty. You can’t beat the henry clay natural or maduro both great deals under $5.

I just picked up some of the Tatuaje Petite Cazadores at Holts for $4.80. Definitely an excellent cigar and a go to when time is limited.

I should have mentioned the Oliva G maduros too.

My favorite budget friendly smoke is the J. Fuego Origen Originals.

Don Pepin Blue Label Preferido
Don Pepin Black Label Corona Especiale 1977 or Perla 1952
Old Henry Robusto
Old Henry Maduro Corona
La Aroma De Cuba
Padilla La Terrazza
Tatuaje Petite Cazadores

They all do the trick.

Easy….La Herencia Cubana and The Diesel Unholy Cocktail.

An oldie but goodie. I can smoke the Arturo Fuente Curly Head several times a day. With 40 to a box (6.50 X 43) they come out to about $2.25 or less apiece.

Nica Libre
Cuba Libre One Star (I think that’s the name)
Pinar del Rio Oscuro (really most PDR)
Alec Bradley Prensado Seconds
Alec Bradley Tempus Seconds

Those have been the under $4 cigars that I have been smoking regularly and they are fantastic.

1. 826 Slow aged Perdomo
2. Perdomo Fresco
3. Alcazar #4
4. Flor de Oliva
5. Fire Corojo
6. SPEF Cordoba
7. Famous Nic 3k
8. Famous Dom 5K
9. Punch London Club
10. CFO Reserva #7
11. Tierra del Sol
12. Ashton Benchmade
13. R.P Vintage seconds
14. GR Specials
15. AF Curly Head Natural
16. Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend
17. Little Havana Overrun
18. Liga C & A X outs
19. Consuegra’s
20. Padron Londres
21. Taboo Value Line
22. Nestor Reserve Maduro
23. Fire Maduro
24. JR Ultimates
25. Sol Cubana Cuban Cabinet
26. Famous Nicaraguan Cameroon
27. Famous Dominican 4000
28. Famous Nicaraguan Habanos
29. JR Edicion Limitada Alternative to the Montecristo Edmundo
30. Everyday Joes
31. Legends Red Perdomo
32. Fumadores ( Kreth) White Owl Grape (Kreth)
33. Oro Cubano Aniversario
34. Tabacos Baez Serie SF (Made by Pepin)
35. Padron Corticos
36. Cusano M1, MC, CC, P1
37. Pirates Gold
38. Baccarat
39. Sancho Panza Double Maduro
40. Davidoff’s 4×4 and 3×3 (tubo)
41. Casa de Garcia maduro
42. Famous Value Line Honduran No. 400
43. Olive Serie G maduro
44. Perdomo ESV seconds
45. Perdomo Mistakes
46. Rosa Cuba
47. Mayorga Maduro Torpedo
48. Cuba Libre One
49. Saint Luis Rey Maduro
50. Omar Ortez Originals (Nicaraguan Puro)
51. Indian Tabac “Super Fuerte” Maduro
52. Gran Habano 3 SLS
53. Rocky Patel Vintage Seconds
54. Padilla Hybrid Maduro
55. JDN Celebracion
56. Padron Londres
57. Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars
58. J. Fuego (original size; 5×44 perfectos) – 3 blends: Gran Reserva Corojo, Origen and Sangre de Toro

Personally my favs are the Indiana Tabac Maduros and the Casa De Gacias.

A cigar that doesn’t get as nearly as much attention or credit as it should is the Jameson Southbound Series Latitude. You can pick up a bundle of 20 for just over $60.

For me it is the Brick House. I pick them up on base for about $4.65. Of-course everything is a couple of $ cheaper on base.

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