Springtime Smoking

Well spring is officially here, and I could not be happier.  I’ve packed away the space heaters in my garage; I’ve boxed up my coat and knit cap; and I’ll only be wearing flip-flops for the next 6-7 months.  But what does this mean for cigar enthusiasts?  Naturally springtime seems like a great thing for those of us who have been banished to the outdoors, but there are a few things we all must consider before a long afternoon or evening of quality outdoor herfing.


Insect control  — Few things can ruin a relaxing evening more than mosquitos biting up every inch of exposed skin and any other number of bugs buzzing all around your head.  Now I’m not a pretty boy, who is disgusted by bugs, but they do aggrevate the hell out of me when I’m just trying to chill.  So what needs to be done?  I suggest purchasing any combination of bug spray, citronella candles or tiki torches.  All of these products have worked for me in the past, and helped eliminate a significant number of annoyances.  And who can deny the entertainment a bug zapper provides.

Hydration  — As temperatures rise it becomes more important to remain hydrated.  Now water is great, but let’s talk about those beverages that add to the enjoyment of a fine cigar.  I’m not an expert, but I have some experience, so I’ll suggest trying some new wheat ales and sipping rums.   More importantly though, enjoy a beverage that brings you the most enjoyment.

Progression  — During the winter months, I tend to smoke more fuller-bodied cigars because I generally only have time for one. However, with weather conditions being favorable for multiple cigars it’s important to consider starting off with lighter bodied cigars, so that you don’t burn you palate out on the first stick of the day.  No matter how good the cigars are, the subtle nuances of a Casa Torano just won’t shine if you smoke it after a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Maduro Chisel.

Share  — Nothing beats this time of years when you think about throwing a party.  So fire up the grill, stock the coolers and invite a good group of friends over for an evening.  While you have the group there, take the opportunity to share your favorite cigars with them.  As we all know, there are a ton of different cigars out there, and sharing your favorites with somebody else, might just open their eyes to something new.

Enjoy  — Beyond all these suggestion, I think it’s more important to just enjoy yourself.

Please share any suggestions you may have as the whether gets better and smoking outdoors becomes more feasible.

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We all know it’s coming, but it helps to actually read it! I can’t wait for summer and having impromptu herfs when we stop on the motorcycles!

Some great points here. I was able to enjoy a few cigars this weekend in my makeshift man cave…luckily for us PAers, the bugs won’t come out for another few weeks. Hooray for Spring!

Good read. Spent the weekend golfing and herfing. Gotta love this time of year.

Well this is when I have to cut down to only one cigar, it’s to darn hot outside here in AZ from May until October.

As always – thanks for the reviews, but please no feet pictures.

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