Sunday Fiver – December 13, 2009

A video Sunday Fiver from Brian.

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I really wish you wouldnt FUCKIN sugarcoat your FUCKIN thoughts and FUCKIN feelings. Why dont you FUCKIN tell us how you really FUCKIN feel about the FUCKIN situation. You really FUCKIN held back in this FUCKIN review. Have a great FUCKIN time at the FUCKIN Ravens game! FUCK…. I should go to church.

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Nice rant man! I totally agree with CI going too far with the rant. Just because you can, doesnt mean you should!

As far as – fuck them too :p Shipping absolutely SUCKS from them, they have NO CLUE how to pack boxes! Throw cigars on the bottom and in only SOME boxes throw some of that air packing on top – oh yea, that works.

Cigars for the troops – I am surprised more manufacturers did not come into the fold. I really thought everyone would open up and at least donate some cigars for the troops if they did not want to provide prizes. People are so friggin generous its amazing! I think it is great at this time of year that people can find it in themselves to send something to the people who are making us able to sit here and watch reviews, do reviews, smoke cigars, and just enjoy our freedoms!


Well Said Mike

Brian, I agree with you on your CI rant however. Word is that Abe Flores from Pinar del Rio made this cigar for Molina. Molina never stuck anything into distribution and was filling his pockets with the loan. Granted CI was a little smug with thier write up but they just cashed in on a liqudation sale. Also don’t leave out he manufactues in your rant. They are the one that sell thier shit at super discounts to CI. Manufactures need to start setting limits as to how low online reailers can sell thier cigars. And manufacs. need no start realizing that B&M’s are thier bread and butter. Without them the hobby would not be what it is.

ps sorry for my spelling. I’m sitting in my garage as I write this and its10 degrees in here and my fingers are frozen.

Adam, I agree. It is not just the fact that they are selling these smokes at the prices because it takes two to tango and as you said, there may be some underlying things going on that aren’t visible from the outside. It was more just how they went about marketing it. If it works then I guess good on them but to me it just damages the industry. I would have rather seen a more tactful approach or touted the fact that it is a good cigar for dirt cheap due to some difficulties instead of the whole saga that starts with (at least as CI makes it sound) an idiot with no clue what he is getting into and ends with CI being the savior

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