Sunday Fiver- May 3, 2009

Since two thirds of the Nice Tight Ash crew is going to be at Cigar Fest this weekend, we thought we would do a little something different for the Sunday Fiver. So we bring you: The 5 things you should take to any herf.

1) Travel humidor filled with plenty of cigars to enjoy, share and trade. Naturally during a Herf you will want to enjoy some great cigars, but Herfs are also about sharing your favorite smokes with your fellow enthusiasts. So take some sticks you would like to pass out or even trade.


2) A high capacity lighter will also be important. There is nothing more inconvenient that running out of butane halfway through lighting a cigar. Naturally, this will happen to a fellow herfer, so be prepared with a lighter ready for their use also.

3) Your favorite libation will also be a great addition to the herf. Good spirits can always help lift your spirits a little more. A designated driver will also be important if you plan on enjoying many spirits.

4) A trustworthy cutter will also be key, unless you plan on biting the cap of your cigar


5) And finally, through personal experience, I recommend taking some headache medication.  I once attended a great herf that was ruined by the sudden onset of a migraine.  If I had been prepared, I would have enjoyed myself much more as the day went on.  

We hope this is helpful to anyone that is new to herfing and certainly welcome any additional recommendation.  

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Good stuff guys. Wish This was up before the weekend. Maybe my dumbass wouldn’t of forgotten to bring the herf-a-dor or 3 finger case.

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