Arandoza to unveil its “Red” Label at the 2014 IPCPR

In keeping with “Family Tradition”, Arandoza will unveil its “Red” Label at the 2014 IPCPR in July.  The “Red” label commemorates and praises the nation’s heritage following on its footsteps of Independence Day celebrating the history, commitment and traditions of the Arandoza Family.  This new label is a full flavored full bodied cigar  that will […]

Arandoza Announces “White Label” & new Blue Label Banding

Miami Florida Press Release The Evolution of the Arandoza Cigar line has arrived! Arandoza announces the “rebirth” of the Arandoza Blue with its new bold label representing the strong solid foundation of this Cigar Family. Its bold taste, yet smooth finish, is a well-known flavor in this industry. With a solid foundation, comes the opportunity […]

Arandoza Blue Label Robusto

Arandoza Cigars is a “family owned and operated company, is founded in the belief that through hard work and dedication, applying our knowledge of tobacco and passion for cigars, we would bring to market, a product that would honor the tradition and history of the cigar industry and for those that enjoy them.” The Blue Label […]