Blind Exchange: Review No. 4

I took a little break from the Blind review exchange with Charlie but I’ve brought it back. Although it’s not much of an exchange, since I still haven’t given him any un-banded cigars to smoke. But that’s my bad. Anyways, here is the fourth review in the series. This cigar measures in between 4.75 and […]

Blind Exchange: Review No. 1

Charlie and I really had a good time doing the Blind Reviews, but since we don’t live as close anymore those review aren’t as feasible as they once were. So now we’ve decided to exchange some un-banded cigars to review. This is the first review of the series, so sit back and enjoy while I […]

Part III: Black Band Project C

The C banded cigar is the final cigar in the Black Band Project Sampler. The dark and slightly oily wrapper nearly gave the cigar away, but an unexpected issue confused me. I cut the video in two portions. If you received a sampler from Camacho and want to smoke these cigars blind, do not watch […]