“Smoked Up” No.67

It has been sort of an off week for me. I didn’t smoke too many cigars this past week. The weather got real sketchy as you may have seen on the news earlier this week. Was planning to get a review out on Monday, but it was too humid outside and the weather forecast was […]

Cigar Federation announces the release of it’s first cigar The Collective.!

The cigar was blended by Ezra Zion Cigar Company and manufactured in the Casa Fernandez factory in Miami, Florida.! ! “New media has changed the cigar industry dramatically in the last few years. We feel it has started a second cigar-boom, especially in the boutique arena. We wanted to make a cigar that would pay […]

Delaware Cigars and Cigar Federation Announce Joint Partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Gary Griffith of Delaware Cigars along with Kyle Hoover and Chris Kelly of Cigar Federation announce a new joint partnership. Cigar Federation will become the exclusive online retail outlet for the 30 Delaware Cigars retail locations. “There are many folks who don’t live close by a great cigar shop” Griffith noted, “We […]