Nicaraguan Cigar Co. Condega Maduro Robusto

I did a review of the Nicaraguan Cigar Co. Condega Serie F Petite Robusto a while back and today I am going to be taking a tasting of their Condega Maduro Robusto. From what I remember, the Serie F was fairly pleasant flavor wise, so lets see how the Maduro stacks up to the Serie F. […]

Nicaraguan Cigar Co. Condega Serie F Petite Robusto

Boutique or “Salon” cigar companies are coming up in the cigar community more and more each day. I was searching on Twitter for new companies and came upon a new company called Nicaraguan Cigar Co. and figured, why not follow them and see what they are all about. Shortly after I was offered to review […]

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always looking for great value cigars. So when I saw the Alec Bradley American Classic Blend in my local shop I was anxious to give it a try. With a price tag under five dollars for a toro this cigar definitely fits the bill but would it fit my taste. […]

Perdomo Habano Maduro

The Perdomo Habano was released in 2007. This blend features a blend of tobaccos from 3 different regions of Nicaragua: Condega, Jalapa and Esteli. Available in 3 different wrappers, Corojo, Maduro and Connecticut, the Habano line will fit a variety of tastes. For this review I’m featuring the Maduro version, which quickly became a regular […]