Holiday Smokes for our Heroes: Sponsored by CAO, Xikar, and Lotus


Alright NTA Nation, as mentioned in our review last Monday, we are looking to make a large donation of stogies to our heroes fighting for us overseas. The men and women who put their home lives on the back burner and their bodily lives on the line everyday for us deserve anything we can offer to make the days go by. Especially at this time when being with family means so much to many people and these fine folks have given up that opportunity to be on the front lines for us. Our troops and their families sacrifice so much so we can enjoy the things we do everyday so even if it is only a short respite from what they are dealing with on a regular basis, we want to provide a means to “get away”, either with friends or alone, and have a smoke to reflect on things aside from the every day rigors they have to endure. We also want them to know how proud we are of them and that we truly appreciate what they are doing. We know that there aren’t enough cigars in the world to show our thanks but every little bit helps.