“Smoked Up” No.84

Summer is finally winding to an end. The days are not as hot and the nights are a tad bit cooler. I can’t wait till the nights when I can sleep with the windows open and enjoy the cooler evenings. Although the summer is ending, the humidity isn’t. With that being said, even though the nights […]

“Smoked Up” No.21

Welcome to the 21st week of 2013 and the 21st edition of “Smoked Up”. This week was back and forth with me. I had a few days where I wasn’t feeling well (hence why this is being posted on Wednesday) so I didn’t have many cigars this week. My tastes and stomach were pretty off […]

“Smoked Up” No.19

This past week I have found myself fascinated with the Ortega Wild Bunch series. I bought two of the first two sampler boxes. This week, I tried three out of the six (in no particular order), they are somewhat addictive. They make me want to try the one next to it in the box to […]

“Smoked Up” No.18

Another week has gone by and another issue of “Smoked Up” is here. Tried a new cigar size of a cigar I already like this week. I am trying to branch out from my “usual” cigar sizes and try a few new sizes here and there. Basically, I am trying to see if there is […]

Press Release: La Flor Dominicana to introduce new items at IPCPR trade show in Orlando this year

Coral Gables, FL July 26, 2012 – La Flor Dominicana will introduce the following items at this year’s IPCPR trade show in Orlando next week, August 2 – August 6.  Limitado V – This release will be our fifth installment in the Limitado series, which has a release about every two years. The powerful blend […]

La Flor Dominicana rebrands Premium Line as LFD Light, April 2012

Coral Gables, FL April 2012 – La Flor Dominicana rebrands its original line “Premium Line” as LFD Light. La Flor Dominicana, who has a reputation for some of the strongest cigars on the market, will be giving its Connecticut shade wrapped mild cigars a facelift. The changes will include a couple new sizes as well as […]

La Flor Dominicana to introduce Double Claro in January 2012.

La Flor Dominicana to introduce Double Claro, January 2012. Coral Gables, FL January 2012 – La Flor Dominicana will introduce its first ever Candela cigar. The Double Claro is a medium bodied candela with an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican filler from our farm in La Canela. The original release will be in 25 […]

La Flor Dominicana Air Bender

La Flor introduced the Air Bender earlier this year and the hook is that they are intense, sophisticated, and powerful. Not sure there is all that much difference between intense and powerful but I digress… The Air Bender comes in six sizes and today I have for you the 5″ x 50 Matatan. The blend […]

La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

La Flor Dominicana puts out a Limitado cigar yearly and each version is met with much enthusiasm. This version, IV, comes in at 6 1/4 x 52 and sports an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper ( I mistakingly say its a Nicaraguan Oscuro in the video). This cigar is released in a limited a number of 2000 […]

La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinets

This review comes to you courtesy of a request from Mike at Stogie Review. He was curious to hear my thoughts on this cigar, so I thought I’d fulfill his wish. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve always enjoyed the LFD Cameroon Cabinets, so I figured this review would be a simple one. But to […]