“Smoked Up” No.56

Well, I made it out of winter storm “Leon” pretty good. It got way too cold for my southern blood. Last Tuesday afternoon brought freezing rain with a few snow flurries. That night it got colder and almost all the bridges and a few roads were shut down in the area. Thursday afternoon they started opening […]

“Smoked Up” No.55

I wish the weather would make up its cotton pickn’ mind!! One day its 60s and beautiful, the next day its sleeting and icing the roads up. Living in the deepest part of MS, the ice and sleet is not anything we deal with on a usual basis and I didn’t like it at all. […]

Room 101 & Smoke Inn Make Bastard Child!

West Palm Beach, Florida – In a continuing effort to create limited runs of premium cigars blended by the industry’s top manufacturers, Smoke Inn Cigars of South Florida proudly presents its sixth installment of their MicroBlend Seriesâ„¢,Room101 Big Deliciousâ„¢. The Room101 Big Deliciousâ„¢ cigar will be a 6.25” x 42-54 Torpedo with a shaggy foot. […]

Shawn’s 2012 Cigars of the Year

Every year I, like others, like to make a list of my favorite cigars of the year. Well, the year is winding down fairly fast, so its time for me to do my list for 2012. I have smoked a good number of cigars this year. Many of them are the new releases and some […]

Room 101 Announces the Release Date of the Room101 LTD OSOK Edition

This will begin shipping to select retailers on Feb. 15, 2012.  Official press release below: Room101 LTD OSOK Edition “One Shot, One Kill”  Edgar Hoill (One Shot, One Kill), is the Los Angeles based photographer responsible  for all of the Room101 imagery you find floating around in the universe. From product imagery to lifestyle shots […]

Room 101 “305”

Today I’ve decided to review a cigar that I actually named as one of my most disappointing cigars of 2009. This cigar had a lot of buzz leading up the the 2009 IPCPR show, and actually got some good reviews following the show. However, when I first sampled the cigar I was less than impressed. […]

Chris’ Version of a Top 10

This time of year so many of the cigar blogs publish their Top 10 lists for the year. And although I see how these lists are beneficial, I personally don’t feel like I can create a single list. Honestly, there are just too many factors to consider. So, I decided to create two lists of […]

Where the F is Brian…

That is the question all of the Cigar World is asking. Ok, ok maybe just 1 person (thanks Mike). But, in case there are 1 or 2 others out there who give a crap, I am still here. Unfortunately a series of events have prevented me from doing any sort of reviews over the past […]

New Ash: Room 101 305 (Robusto)

Room 101 and Camacho Cigars have teamed up to create a line of cigars just for Room 101. The cigars are made with a special wrapper grown exclusively for Room 101 by Camacho and use artwork and designs by Room 101 for the packaging and labels. Being one of the most anticipated cigars at IPCPR, […]