Ezra Zion Tantrum PA

In 2013, Ezra Zion released the Tantrum with very high accolades from a broad spectrum of people. I really enjoyed the Tantrum and I gave it high rankings in 2013. The only drawback to the Tantrum was it was too short for me as it left me wanting more! Following the original Tantrum comes the Tantrum […]

“Smoked Up” No.90

Looks like the hot weather in 2014 is a thing of the past. The temps have been dropping into the low 40s at night and peaking at around 70s during the day. I love this type of weather, but don’t like the cool nights. I started work on my “smoke shack” with my heater, tv, […]

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Ezra Zion Tantrum

Ezra Zion has been in the cigar biz for a decent amount of time and has had some pretty good hits. They are a boutique brand of cigars with a handful of cigars with all different flavor profiles. With that being said, there is more than likely an Ezra Zion cigar that would meet your […]

“Smoked Up” No.29

The “Dog Days of Summer” are just about here, if not already. If it wasn’t the high temperatures, it was the rain showers and humidity. That has been the story for the past two weeks or so in my neck of the woods. I mainly smoke outside under my carport and with the weather not […]

TANTRUM released by Ezra Zion Cigar Co

Ezra Zion released it’s first new blend for 2013!   It’s call TANTRUM. A Limited Edition 1500 box release featuring one size 44 x 4.4 inch “Prensado Pequeno”. It’s rolled with 5-7 year aged Ligeros and a vintage Corojo wrapper. TANTRUM is currently only available at a few Ezra Zion VIP retailers and will be […]