Tatuaje Jibaro No. 2

Tatuaje Jibaro

I got this cigar from a fellow BOTL on Cigar Weekly that was in Beverly Hill, CA and was at Pete Johnson’s shop. He picked up a few fivers for some of us on Cigar Weekly and I was lucky enough to be one of them. At first, I didn’t know much about the cigar except that it was a rare Tatuaje that wasn’t sold anywhere except at Pete’s store.

I do know there are only two sizes:

According to Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatuaje#Nuevitas_Jibaro ):

The Nuevitas Jibaro is actually not part of the Tatuaje line and was created by Pete Johnson. Although Pepin Garcia is usually associated with Mr. Johnson’s cigars, he was not involved in the creation or production of this small line. They were made by Pedro Martin’s old Tropical Tobacco (since purchased by AGANORSA and now known as Tabacalera Tropical[9][10])in Estelí, Nicaragua. The design of the cigar was modeled after a custom-rolled Cuban Cohiba. It was a very strong blend. Mr. Johnson discontinued production of the cigar rather than have the production moved to another factory.[11]

The cigars were unbanded with an unfinished foot and the line was limited to two vitolas, both figurados, the No. 1 (5 x 54) and the No. 2 (6 x 52).

Let’s see how this cigar burns and taste, shall we?


The cigar has somewhat rough appearance. It doesn’t have large veins, but it’s has a toothy wrapper. The Jibaros come with a shaggy foot, which looks pretty interesting. The cap looks a little rough also, but I’ll clip that so who cares? It’s not so bad as to mess up the cigar. The cigar feels a little firm to the touch and I cannot feel any soft spots. It doesn’t have a band on it that shows it’s a Tatuaje. I’m guessing because this was a cabinet cigar. Overall, it looks like a well made cigar.

shaggy foot

Pre-light aroma and draw:

The draw is nice and easy. Not to tight and not too light. Just perfect. The pre-light tastes are really nice. It has a sweet tobacco taste with some earthy notes. Just by this, I feel excited about this cigar.

First third:

The first third is starting out just spectacularly. There is a sweet tobacco taste with hints of spice, earth and nuts. They mingle so well, it’s amazing. There is also a slight pepper aspect to it on the back of the throat. I’m trying to define the spice and nuts, but they are mingling together so well that it’s hard to pick them apart. The nuts taste like macadamia nuts with hints of nutmeg. It’s a very nice combination.  Regrettably, my picture of the first third was worse than I thought so no picture of it here.

Second third:

The second third is really good. The sweetness has intensified. The spices have somewhat died down and the nutty flavors have gone. The sweetness has now been accompanied by a smooth creaminess. It has a taste kind of like dulce de leche. Very nice, sweet flavor. The burn has gotten a little uneven. It’s not particularly windy today so I’m not sure what caused that. They humidity is high here today so that might have been the culprit. What is really weird is my ash turned 45 degrees. I took a picture of it which you can see below.

weird ash

Final Third:

The sweetness is still there stronger than ever. I can now taste a coffee note underneath the sweetness. The sweetness is more like caramel now and it taste really great with the coffee. The cigar did a turn for the worse though. The cigar kept going out on me and I constantly had to relight it. It’s a bit annoying. Finally I had to give up on the cigar.

final third

Overall Impressions:

This cigar was very tasty. Tatuaje doesn’t make these anymore, which is a shame. Even with the bad burning at the end that took constant relights, I would still highly recommend this cigar. The taste of dulce de leche, coffee, spices and nutty flavors were really nice, especially when they merged together. It’s definitely a full cigar, but it doesn’t have a huge nicotine kick. This is a perfect after dinner cigar and would be awesome after a nice steak.

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Seems like a good cigar. How any extra to give away?

Sounds tasty and I’ve never seen an ash like that!

That ash is crazy. Never seen one go that bad before. Nice review. The Caramel and coffee sounds delicious.

Nice review – awesome pic of the 45 degree ash! Sounds like it would be a good cigar for an evening cup of coffee, if one could find any ;)


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