Torcido Lancero

I’ve got a little theme going on with the recent reviews and that is “house brands”. Last week, I did a review on Bonita Smoke Shop “Time Warp” and this week I will be taking a look at the Torcido Cigars Lancero from Just For Him out of Springfield, MO. Just for Him is a shop chock full of pipes, pipe tobacco, and have over 50,000 cigars in stock. The shop is owned by Christian and Jessica Hutson and I was contacted by them if I would like to try the new Torcido line when they had sent me the press release of Torcido Cigars.

Size: 7×38
Vitola: Lancero
Wrapper: Dominican Cuban Seed
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Factory: Matasa
Source: Sample from Torcido Cigars

First Look: The first things I notice with this cigar, is the dark wrapper, pig tail cap and the closed foot. A closed foot and pigtail cap are always eye catching to me, so this cigar is very pleasing to the eye for me. The wrapper is of a dark almost black wrapper, with a few veins here and there with an aroma of sweet and dark cocoa. There is an overall firm feal to the smoke, but ho hard or soft spots to worry with. The stiff feal still lets a good milkshake thick type of cold draw.

Constuction: The one draw I have found with alot of closed foot cigars is that they can be difficult to toast up. Once you think you have it toasted good and draw on it, you realize all you toasted it the closed foot and not the filler. But other than that slight misread by me, I had no issues are far as construction is concerned. A tight off white and gray ash comes from a slightly wavy burn line. Each time, the ash held for about an inch and a half. It could have lasted more, but I was trying to avoid an “ash lap”. The room note wasn’t too pronounced or absent. But what I did smell was of dark cocoa, similar to the wrapper aroma. But for being a small ring gauged cigar, it produced a good bit of thick rich smoke.

Flavors: The first portion of the cigar, I get notes of a dark earthy tone with a slight spice at first. Once, into it some a good hit of leather gets going. Also a slight undertone of cocoa starts to develop as well. The farther I get into the cigar, spice seems to slowly ramp up as well as the flavor strengths. The overall draw is of the milshake thick type of draw that never loosened or tightened up any.

About a third of the way in or so, the flavor strength seemed to explode. Full flavors of earth, leather, and a lingering spice. At the half way point, the key notes are the same as before; a strong earth and leather notes mainly.

At the final third, I get a tangy note of hay. This was totally off from the other flavors of the cigar. So, I think I may have been smoking it too fast. Though it never got bitter, I still let it rest some (not letting it go out) to see if the flavors got “back to normal”. And that they did after a little rest on the ashtray. The cocoa seams to fade in and out during the last portion. Right at the finish, I get a dark chocolate note as well as the lingering spice thats faded some. The other leather and earth notes faded into the background as well.

Final Thoughts: Torcido Cigars was sponsors at the Chatanooga Tweetup” and the Charmed Leaf Boutique Event that happened in August. I have seen a few tweets, reviews, and forum posts where people who had tried them there really liked them. And let it be known, I am adding myself to the list of fans of The Torcido Cigars line.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like the lancero over the corona or robusto. It started off a little less on the flavor strength, but when it ramped up, it turned into a very nice cigar! I haven’t decided which is my favorite size yet, maybe I won’t have a favorite size in the line, I really like them all, so I guess its just going to be what I am in the mood for size wise at the time I got to have another Torcido.
One of the things that suprised me was the amount of spice from a Dominican Puro. Not too often do you find a Dominican Puro with so much spice. It was no spice bomb, but it was a pleasant mix of earth, leather, cocoa, and the spice.

The Torcido “Twisted Cigars” line will be for sale at these locations based on production:
Burns Tobaccanist Downtown, Chattanooga, TN – 423-267-7740
Just For Him, Springfield, MO – 417-886-8380
The Humidor Cigars and Lounge West, Witchita, KS – 316-688-0112

This is another very good “House Brand” cigar.
Its full on flavor and medium-full body, thats deffinately worth a try!

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