United Tobacco 601 Red Rabito


The United Tobacco (EO Brands) 601 line is produced in Esteli, Nicaragua by Don Pepin Garcia, with 4 wrapper choices.  The 601 Red is wrapped with a Nicaraguan Habano Natural leaf and is available in 7 sizes: Chruchill, Rabito, Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Trabuco and Guapito. 

Company: United Tobacco
Made In: Esteli, Nicaragua
Made by: United Tobacco
Size: 6 1/2 x 46 Rabito (Grand Corona)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
MSRP: $7.50/ $148 for a box of 20


The wrapper is a dark natural Habano leaf with only the slightest veins running throughout the cigar.  The cigar was topped off with a triple cap, the top cap being a pig-tail.  Solid construction all around, and a quick feel revealed no hard or soft spots.  A quick snip with my cutter revealed a  relaxed draw and tons of rich tobacco aromas.  Anyone that is familiar with an old tobacco striping shed, will know exactly how this cigar smells.

First Third

Right off the light this cigar hit me with tons of black pepper, that coated the palette and stung my nostrils.  After a few puffs the intense pepper flavors mellowed out some to reveal some wood and dark chocolate flavors.  The ash was a light gray color  and appeared extremely solid.  The ash fell of at around the three quarter inch mark after being rested in the ashtray.  As I smoked deeper into the first third of this cigar I began to pick up on more of the woody flavors that really seemed to be the foundation of the rich peppery smoke.  The cigar continued to draw well, and the burn was near flawless.


Second Third

I could no longer taste any of the dark chocolate sweetness that I could in the first portion of the 601.  The wood and pepper flavors continued as a nuttiness appeared to bring new life to this already exciting cigar.  The draw remained excellent producing an ample amount of smoke.  The burn did begin to go a little crooked, but was easily fixed with a couple touch-ups.  


Last Third

The wood and nut flavors developed nicely to make this cigar a pleasurable experience down to the last puff.  The pepper flavors remained but only in the background; enough to keep things interesting.  Burn, draw and construction remained consistent as well.


Final Thoughts

The 601 Red is an awesome cigar.  It’s a strong full bodied cigar, but I never found it to be harsh.  Excellent construction and flavors make it a great buy for the full-bodied cigar enthusiast.  There are also 3 other wrapper choices (Habano Maduro, Habano Oscuro and Ecuadorian Connecticut) available in the 601; plenty of options for different tastes.  Now, I generally find it difficult to really get a good idea for room aroma while I’m smoking, so I’ll ask my wife to give her opinion from time to time.  That usually results in a “that stinks” or “that really stinks”, but this cigar was different.  She told me that the smoke smelled like peanut butter; interesting considering the nutty flavors I was tasting.  So with that I’ll also recommend this cigar to anyone trying to find the cigar their significant other will enjoy smelling.  

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Nice review! The 601 line is one of my favorites and while the Habano Oscuro is at the top of my list, the Habano Nat is a close second.


Great review.

My only problem is my wife can’t stand the smell of peanut butter. I can’t win.

Is the 601 Red stronger/fuller than the Oscuro? I love the Oscuro – but I usually have one after a very large meal.

I’ve had one Red and have one resting. I don’t remember thinking too highly of the one I did smoke, but I didn’t let it rest much after delivery so maybe my second one will be better.

Thanks again Chris.

I have not had the Oscuro yet, but I would recommend eating before smoking the Red, it’s pretty full-bodied.

By all means, try the Oscuro – after a meal. It’s not a morning coffee cigar but it is fantastic after a large meal. Thanks again for the review.

Nice review. I’ve always put these in the medium-full range, and not a full-bodied range, but strength is purely subjective. I’ll have to light up another to see if I get that peanut butter smell.

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