Winston Humidor

Around late August I received the Winston Humidor from 1st Class Cigar Humidors. They gave me this humidor in exchange for my review. Since that time I’ve been paying close attention to a few different aspects and now feel that I’m ready to give my assessment of this humidors form and function.


Size: 16-3/4″ W x 10-3/4″ D x 6-3/4″ H
Capacity: up to 150 cigars
Comes With: Humidifier, Hygrometer, Cigar Scissors and 3 Adjustable Dividers
Price: $189.00


First off the Winston Humidor’s combination of eye catching shape and finish make for a nice addition to any smoke room. My personal taste leans towards darker finishes, but in the case of the Winston I really enjoy the mesh of light and dark colors. The unit as a whole is feels heavy in the hands. Quality hardware, in the way of hinges, was used which made for easy opening.

In my experience most humidors of this size are equipped with a lock. The Winston, however, does not come with one. I’m not sure that a lock is actually necessary, and in some cases it becomes a burden when a key is misplaced, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

The Winston humidor includes a humidifier, hygrometer and cigar scissors. All of these items attach nicely to the inside top of the lid using a magnet that is hidden inside the lid. To me this is a nice touch considering the Velcro used in equally expensive humidors which always seems to fail after prolonged exposure to humidity.


The humidor that’s in my procession didn’t seem to have the tightest of seals when I first unpackaged it. I came to this conclusion based on personal experience with other humidors. With others I could always sense a “grab” when the lid was lifted from the base. To me this was indicating a tight fit between the lid and base. I didn’t feel that same “grab” with the Winston. Then I remembered an old trick a local shop owner taught me years ago to test a humidors seal. He told me that if you close a dollar bill between the lid and base that you should be able to feel significant resistance as the bill is pulled out. That indicates a proper seal. I tried this with the Winston and found the seal to be adequate.

Since I’ve been using this humidor for approximately 4 months I’ve had the opportunity to use the humidor in a variety of humid and dry weather conditions. All humidors, in varying degrees, fall prey to the extremes in weather, and the Winston was no exception. During humid times I had to refill the humidifier every two and a half weeks. During drier periods the refills fluctuated between one and a half to two weeks. Overall I’d say the humidor performed rather well. I was able to keep the humidor in a range of 62-8% RH with little effort.

The description states that “up to 150 cigars” can be placed in this humidor. I can wee that if they were all coronas. However, I’ve had a variety of sizes in the humidor so I’ve been able to fit anywhere between 30 and 60 sticks in the humidor at one time.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the Winston humidor. To me it performed well in all the areas a humidor should. The cherry on top is the appearance, which in my opinion is stunning. To me this humidor is a great buy, one that I would spend my own hard earned money on.

For better picutures of the finish and interior of the Winston humidor please visit the 1st Class Cigar Humidors. Also, please leave any feedback you have on this review. Since it was my first time reviewing a humidor, other than an travel humidor, i’d appreciate any feedback you may have on how to make any future articles more informative.

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That looks like a very nice humidor, I like the oval look, it look’s some what oval. Thanks for the tip about the seal, ”dollar bill”.

Great review. I’m in the market for a new humi and this looks very promising.

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